GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 38 - July 2017

Main illustrations by jijomathaidesigners/Shutterstock, chips illustrations by Rvector/Shutterstock B eing a successful affiliate is not an easy way to make money. As many top affiliates in the industry will tell you, it takes time, research and a lot of planning to develop a site that is both interesting and relevant to new and existing followers alike. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an affiliate is to overcrowd your page with tons of different products in the hope that many different types of visitors will stop and buy them. True, at first glance, a page covered in many different colors and banners may catch the audience’s eye. However, this will not help you create a trustworthy image, and they will simply think the site looks like an online supermarket, full of different products. Our suggestion, and what we have found to be highly success- ful, is to thoroughly research the industry and choose a niche that you are already knowledgeable about. Promoting this to a target audience will not only be much easier for you, but your articles and reviews will look more credible. Choosing your audience may sound simple and straightfor- ward; however, people often forget that the type of audience a blog or website attracts is crucially related to the type of content available. If the content is not in line with the product offerings, your efforts will be wasted, because the content will be irrelevant to the reader. Before publishing any content, create at least three personas to help you identify and reach your target audience. You also need to consider how to reach your target audience. Where do they hang out online? What platforms do they prefer? Social media can also be a great tool, and through regular Facebook and Twitter posts and paid ads, you can reach a larger number of readers. Let’s look at an example. If you usually target Live Casino players and have content related to Live Casino, suddenly flooding your page with information on the Champions League can seriously reduce your credibility and even result Why less is more in losing followers. Therefore, to be successful, we recom- mend that you keep your page or blog updated with all the recent, relevant news and promotions, so that your followers are highly informed and keep coming back. Another mistake we come across is content that is not only not relevant, but also not appealing to the reader. For example, if your website or blog is giving specific guidance to people who have never tried slots before, newbies are the type of users you are likely to attract – which is not necessarily a bad thing, if you know how to convert them into customers. However, if you put toomany loud banners and casino terms in your content, you risk losing credibility, even though the topic might be of interest to the reader. When targeting newbies, we recommend you focus on: • Listing the hot entry-level games, with relevant and easy-to-understand content introducing each game. • Explaining the risk involved. • Ensuring the reader believes not only in your content, but also the company you are selling. On the other hand, if your aim is to attract and retain readers who are regular, experienced gamers, you might consider focusing on these aspects: • Tips and reviews on the most popular games. • Listings of current offers, ensuring all are up to date. • Getting to know your readers: What they like and what keeps them coming back. There is a strict relationship be- tween content, visitors and products. Get this relationship right by targeting the correct audience and giving them what they want, and the money will start flowing into your pocket! There is a strict relationship between content , visitors and products . Get this relationship right by targeting the correct audience and giving them what they want , and the money will start flowing into your pocket ! w w w . g p w a t i m e s . o r g 29