GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 38 - July 2017

as the iGaming niche is really big, I want to create something big in differentmicroniches. You have sites that target a number of different countries. What do you do to localize your sites? How do the markets differ between countries? A few years ago, if somebody told me I would run projects in 12 languages, I guess I would not believe it. But today, I see no reason why not to have it in any language in the world. Though there are languages that take more time and money than others, it’s still possible to find right people to do the job. Sometimes we translate content, and sometimes we create it from scratch. When you work in so many markets, you begin to see all the differences and the things in common. In most markets, play- ers are looking for almost the same things with slight differences in specifications like payment methods, game providers, games, brands, etc. The main difference is in how people search. Also, there is some histor- ical background in each country in terms of the evolution of gambling and its laws, people’s attitudes toward gambling, etc. What makes your sites unique? I real- ly like to design, so the first thing people notice about my sites is the way they look. I get a lot of good feedback about it. The second thing is the user experience – I read a lot about all kinds of A/B testings, I test a lot of things myself, so I try to create re- ally fast-loading websites with good ar- chitecture and easy navigation between thousands of pages. As for the content, we always try to share the knowledge we get about gambling, the games, restrictions, etc. AGE fact sheet Hometown Living in Favorite Food sites 27 Ivano - Frankivsk, Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine Ukrainian, Italian and Asian cuisines and many more Must-Read Book Atlas Shrugged , by Ayn Rand; The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing , by Jack Trout w w w . g p w a t i m e s . o r g 43