GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 39 - November 2017

This affiliate helps keep Belgian gamblers on the right side of the law GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Christiaan Bollen - Christiaan How did you first get into the iGam- ing business? What did you do before becoming an affiliate? As a kid, I was already creating websites as a hobby. At university, informatics was the obvious choice, and I started working as a software developer. While working, I was looking for a challenge for after work hours. At the time, the Belgian gambling market became legalized, and I saw an opportunity to start in this new market, although it was unexpected that it would go so well. Tell us about your sites. Which site came first? When did you launch it? When and why did you decide to launch others? The first site was , which launched in early 2012. This is a website focusing on the Dutch-speaking people in Belgium. After probably three months, it got the first conversions. After six months, it started making some nice extra revenue on top of my salary. Since Belgiumhas three official languages, I decided to alsomake an additional website for the French-speaking people in Belgium, so was born. I started translating the reviews of and later the news articles. Now they are both still my biggest web- sites. They are copies of each other in their own language. Are you a full-time or part-time affil- iate? Full-time – I realized that it was better to stop my job and focus on this. In the end, it made me grow more and make more money. In my years as an affiliate, I went to many conferences and focused on SEO. My ex- W W W . G P W A T I M E S . O R G 56