GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 4 - April 2008

GPWA Affiliate Interview Series | GPWA TIMES 15 For lemcevoy, content is everything — and shark- cage diving is important, too. How did you first discover the indus- try?What do you like about the indus- try and what was your first site like? I first discovered the casino affiliate industry back in 2003 while I was searching all over for an online busi- ness or some way of making money! I was a regular gambler at that time and it seemed like the perfect business for me to start; it was something that I knew a lot about. I really liked the casino and gambling world, so that attracted me to the casino affiliate industry. My first site was only a re- direct from one domain to my affili- ate link; it stayed like that for about three years. My latest venture, Flenix, is totally different from my first site; it doesn’t just redirect to another link, it gives players quality casino content from a wide range of sources, provides play- ers with different kinds of gambling alternatives like poker games, slots, rummy, bingo, table games and even real games like racing and first-per- son shooters! What key things have you learned since starting your first site that you’ve incorporated into I learned that content is everything! A simple re-direct or banner farm isn’t as effective as it used to be a couple of years ago. People want information and reviews before choosing a casino to play on. At one point you dabbled a little bit with a white-label casino. Why did you initially go the white-label route? I initially went for a white label be- cause I’ve always wanted to start my own casino. (The thought seemed very rewarding and it was a dream since I started affiliate marketing in 2003.) I’d been doing affiliate marketing for three years prior to my start of the INTERVIEWWITH Lyall Edward Mc Evoy | lemcevoy Current hometown: Cape Town, South Africa Age: 21 Favorite food: Pasta / Beef Lasagna One book everyone must read: One Minute Millionaire” by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen Sites:; Continued on page 48