GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 40- February 2018

4. LICENSES REQUIRED? U.K. affiliates may soon require licenses. This would prompt one of the biggest pillaging sessions in the history of the industry, by U.K. gaming operators, to U.K.-only affiliates. Smaller U.K.-only affiliates might find their businesses wiped out overnight, unless they get a license (who knows how much that will cost, and what due diligence will be required to get one?). After all, why would big operators with shareholders and greedy owners to satisfy bother honoring “lifetime” com- missions, if smaller U.K.-only affiliates can’t legally send them players anymore? It may even become illegal for a U.K.-licensed operator to send funds to a non-licensed U.K. affiliate in 2018. 2018 U.K. Market Event Happening Odds U.K. iGaming Affiliates (UKIA) Require License 2 to 1 UKIA White-Label Solution Providers Emerge 5 to 2 5. U.K. POCT RISES Having drummed up lots of anti-gam- bling sentiment from the U.K. public, the U.K. government will raise the point of consumption tax from 15% all the way to 20% or 25% in order to pick up a few more votes from the public and raise more revenue from our industry to feed back into the state. 2018 U.K. Market Event Happening Odds Point of Consumption Tax (POCT) Stays at 15% 2 to 1 U.K. POCT Rises Above 15% 1 to 2 U.K. POCT Falls Below 15% 50 to 1 6. FALLOUT FROM EU PULL-OUT The U.K. is scheduled to leave the EU by the end of March 2019. There might be fallout from this for U.K. gaming operators and affiliates toward the end of 2018, with some EUmember states deciding to restrict or block U.K.-licensed operators. 2018 U.K. Market Event Happening Odds All EU States Block U.K.-Licensed Operators 10 to 1 All EU States Block U.K.-Based Affiliates 50 to 1 7. STRICTER REGULATIONS Perhaps some other EU states will start to regulate their markets further and follow suit by introducing much stricter regulations, governing advertising copy and encourag- ing responsible gaming from operators and affiliates alike. 2018 U.K. Market Event Happening Odds EU States’ Regulations Become Stricter 1 to 10 On EU States’ Regulations Become Less Strict 25 to 1 It has always been widely known that the U.K. Prime Minister absolutely despises online gambling. She was, after all, theHome Secretary who introduced the UK POCT, and she really does hate it on a personal level. So expect her to continue to wield her power. The current U.K. conservative government is quite happy to pick the pockets of nurses, firemen and the disabled, so expect absolutely zeromercy from them in our line of business in 2018. Our best advice to affiliates is to get your site or sites checked and authorized by the Advertising Standards Agency. Our opin- ion is that if your site and ad copy has been approved by them, presuming all of the offers you are promoting are still valid, your site should be perfectly compliant and operators should have no valid reason to close your U.K. affiliate or player accounts. 7 Bold Predictions for the U.K. U.K. affiliates may soon require licenses . This would prompt one of the biggest pillaging sessions in the history of the industry , by U.K. gaming operators , to U.K.-only affiliates . Chris Strutt is the managing director of Lucky Media Ltd, full-time affiliates and white label casino and bingo opera- tors. Chris first started working in iGaming for CNN before working for several iGaming digital marketing agencies and then becoming a full-time affiliate in 2010. Chris now runs his own digital marketing agency that owns the brands Ace Lucky Casino, Gravy Train Bingo and Summit Casino. 35 W W W . G P W A T I M E S . O R G