GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 40- February 2018

The GPWA Speaks RENÉE MATE Affiliate Program Manager, Rewards Affiliates Cryptocurrencies will become more mainstreamwith the general public. More streamlined businesses will start accepting bitcoin as payment. More regulation, more programs shut- ting their programs due to harsher rules. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was a very small handful of affiliate programs servic- ing U.K. players. MIKE LITSON Managing Director of Greyheart Media Fundamentally, I think we’ll mostly be seeing more of the same. I expect we will see an increase in the prevalence of the knowledge graph and other various snippets around the tra- ditional search places, shrinking the visual area on the “first page” even further. How much that ends up ef- fecting most affiliates will remain to be seen and largely depend on wheth- er Google deems to roll something out to different query types. But in general, we’ll be competing for a shrink- ing space. We’ll probably continue to see an in- crease in quality controls, as happens every year. Perhaps more noticeably in the smaller markets (non-English) where we were able to get away with a lot more until relatively recently. I’d expect to see accelerated mobile pag- es (AMP) continue to develop and other mobile-first tweaks to come in. This could be where affiliates and small operators can gain an advantage as operators typically have much clunkier CMS restrictions and functionality requirements. We may even see a transition toward a progressive web app model, but that depends more on the community at large. I’d advise checking out PWAs if you don’t know about them yet. And lastly, I’d expect https to be function- ally essential. LORIEN PILLING Director, Global Betting and Gaming Consultants Several gambling operators and af- filiates were pleased to see the end of 2017. But it is inevitable that the themes of regulation and compliance will continue in the key European markets in 2018. The process of iGaming regulation in Germany and the Netherlands rolls on into yet another year. The European Commission’s decision to end infringe- ment proceedings against EU member states could further complicate matters in these and other markets. The ruling on sports betting in the U.S. is certainly an event to mark on the calen- dar in 2018. A decision in favor of sports betting being permitted would be a great fillip for the sector. The devil will be in the details (and the tax rates). Of course, the sporting calendar also gives the betting sector a football World Cup TRIPLE7 GPWA Public Member More countries will be regulated, already regulated countries will have tougher rules and black- market countries will do more to enforce their laws. I think the UKGC will set an example and give a heavy fine to some operators or even revoke a license. The split between regulated markets and grey or illegal markets will grow. Casinos operating on both will be making more choices. HCGROUP GPWA Public Member My prediction for 2018 would be on a “cryptocurrency boom” for sure. I strongly believe that 2018 will be the year for a complete transmission of payment systems to crypto coins. Even affiliate programs and casino operators will launch their own crypto money due to its decentralized nature. This will eventually expand the overall online gambling volume all around the world. CELENA GPWA Private Member With the regulation of some countries, we are moving toward many restrictions. We will have to look for emerging markets. In countries where there is regulation, the choice of casinos is quite low, casinos put their promotions on TV, and players no longer pass through the sites of webmasters. 37 W W W . G P W A T I M E S . O R G