GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 41 - July 2018

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Darren - Scampi How long have you been in the iGaming business? How did you first get into the industry? I started my first affiliate website in 2011. I used to gamble a lot, so I startedwriting about my experiences and opinions on the latest slots. This grew into a site that generated a small amount of traffic from like-minded people. At first I was just running Adsense ads fromGoogle – these generated a bit of income, but I wasn’t fully aware of the earning potential of being a gambling affiliate until I was contacted by an affiliatemanager who asked for positions on my site. A while later I sold the site. Al- though I check up on it from time to time, it appears to be being left idle. What did you do before iGaming? What did you learn that has helped you as an affiliate? I’ve done various jobs off and on over the years, including web design and creative writing. Because I enjoy writing, it’s very beneficial to help- ing my site to grow. Tell us about your site. When did you launch it? How long did it take for it to start making money? Sto- gets its name from an old fruit machine bonus feature from the mid- ’90s. After selling my two previous sites, they gave me the experience to work on this one full-time. My site was launched in January 2016. It took only a few weeks to start earning This affiliate is hedging his bets against politicians on both sides of the Atlantic W W W . G P W A T I M E S . O R G 58