GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 42 - October 2018

G P W A t i m e s . o r g 68 You worked in a variety of industries before you came to iGaming. How did you get into this industry? Very true – I’ve worked for the public sector; I’ve worked in agriculture, in telecommunications, at a law firm and at the biggest food trading company. One thing all those jobs have in common is that I’ve been working in marketing and commu- nications in all those places, and I feel it really doesn’t matter what industry it is when your goal is to expand the business and maintain a good relationship with partners. To be fairly honest, it was just fortune, starting to work at FortuneJack. How has your experience in other industries helped you as an affiliate manager? I would definitely say that my previous experience made my journey at FortuneJack smoother and more diverse. I always thought that people do business because they like the people they have to work for. With that said, as an affiliate manager, my primary goal is to give each affiliate personal attention and make them feel comfortable. We at FJ Partners are always looking for long- term partnerships, and I think that my previous experience in marketing and sales, along with personal communication skills, is just the right mixture to get things done. What makes FortuneJack Partners stand out from other affiliate programs? I think besides the good rev share model, it’s the personal attention that we give to each affiliate and flexibility. We position ourselves as the leading bitcoin casino, which means we’re technologically advanced; we add new cryptocurrencies, new providers and programs such as the loyal players’ club to make the gaming experience more diverse and exciting. As for the affiliates’ side, I personally try to check in with every affiliate and give them some tips and advice. What are the biggest challenges that come along with being an affiliate manager? To keep every affiliate happy. We often have to think outside the box and come up with different business models to make sure our partner is happy. FortuneJack Partners offers up to 55% in revenue share with no negative carryover. How did you de- cide on this commission model? We just asked what our partners what they wanted, did some research and came up with an unbeatable commission model in the industry. Nina Kacharava FortuneJackPartners AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES