GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 44 - July 2019

If you won $10 million playing the lot- tery tomorrow, what would you do? I wouldmake sure I am resilient first with that money – I mean, if any debt is owed, pay it all off, then put everything into placement and live on themoney earned by the interest. But I wouldn’t stop working until I was no longer able to, or if I got too bored. I would for sure reduce exposure to work, travel much more and buy one or two “little toys”…And definitely, I would give money directly hand to hand to some people who really need it. What were you like in high school? An average student when not working, but when (very) highly pressured, achieving first ranking of my class and then suddenly all my professors were in love and praising me. It was just so strange! Not my cup of tea. Outside of classes, I had only one goal: girls. My friends nicknamed me the “Shark.” If someone from out of town were visiting you, what’s the one place you’d definitely take them to see? That’s a good question. Marseille’s Vieux Port by night is very cool and very tour- isty; there are cool pubs to drink beer at and some good restaurants to eat at, and also there are lots of great luxury hotels around. After, I can’t ignore Notre-Dame de la Garde, which offers a spectacular view of Marseille and has lots of Mar- seille’s and France’s important history concentrated in the basilica. The two places are very near, so I think we could say that’s one place! What are your pet peeves? Ah ah… so, I think, people that are making lots of noise when eating, people that aban- don trying to carry on in life, people that are close-minded, narcissists, some crazy girls, too much advertising on TV, and when my computer doesn’t respond instantly to my orders, which is why I have very powerful computers and other electronic devices. But with years pass- ing by, I’m learning to abandon my pet peeves. I do not care as much as before, so I relax! If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you and why? A photo of my son, lots of matches and a guitar. If you could invite any five people, living or dead, to dinner, who would they be? René Barjavel, Wolfgang Ama- deus Mozart, John Petrucci, Isaac Newton and Yuri Gagarin. That would be an epic dinner! Imagine Isaac Newton talking to Yuri Gagarin, the first human sent into space? John Petrucci talking to Mozart? And talking with Barjavel, an amazing French author, a pure genius and visionary, the very first author to introduce the famous grandfather paradox in time travel (see the Back to the Future trilogy) and who also predicted during the 1940s everything that has happened to humans since the 1980s, including electronic tablets, the demate- rialization of books, magnetic trains, the election of a Black president in the United States and much more. Name three things that people reading this magazine don’t know about you. 1. I play lots of guitar, including progres- sive metal and hard rock. 2. I worked as a DJ when I was younger. 3. Back in 2005, I was offered the chance to meet with Angela Ho, daughter of Stanley Ho, nicknamed the God- father and the King of Gambling, at that time one of the top 100 world bil- lionaires (Forbes), to interview her and speak with her face to face. Her PR team said to me she was in New York. Despite doing the interview, I did not seize the chance to meet with her in per- son, because I got my health diagnosis that year, and I fully regret it now. She was the one who initiated and pushed live dealer casinos with DrHo888 (now closed). Her interview is available on Being able to develop somekindof “friendship” is important tome, and I’ve seen some affiliatemanagers or teams out there that have been able todo that for years .Wemust not forget that there are real humans behind e-mails. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 56 GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Cedric Amadei | Maxfalcon