GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 44 - July 2019

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Antti Alatalo - Proffa This affiliatemoved to launch not one, fromFinland to sunnyMalta but two businesses When did you first get into the casino industry? Why did you decide to en- ter this industry? I started in 2016 after being recruited by a big iGaming company in Malta. I was struggling to find a similar SEO position back in Finland, so I opted to move when given the chance. That’s how I entered the industry. It appears you have past experience with everything from digital marketing and SEO to Jiu-jitsu and bartend- ing. How have these experiences and skills you developed in earlier posi- tions helped you as an iGaming affili- ate? Bartending taught me a lot about social skills and getting to know people, which is pretty important in our industry. Starting my own Brazilian Jiu-jitsu academy was a good playground to test my digital marketing strategies, but on a much smaller scale. How do you balance running multiple businesses at the same time? I’m lucky to have great partners at both Cash- cow and the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gym, so it makes running both side by side much eas- ier. We also have great people working for us at Cashcow, while the gym’s community is heavily involved in day-to-day activities. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 58