GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 45 - October 2019

3 SECRETS TO SUCCESS Have enough startup capital This is a statement of fact, true for any business. Many programs are left out in the cold or starved of cash because they think that revenue share models are sufficient to run and launch a new affiliate brand. The truth is, they’re not. Affiliate programcommercials are complex. Each affiliate you work with will have its own revenue models. Understanding how they work together with your own digital marketing strategy is one of the hardest parts of a program to get right. Make sure you have enough money to actively promote your program, be seen at events and invest in online advertis- ing, and be prepared to put your brand out in front of loads of potential affiliates. Often affiliate programs fizzle out of existence entirely because this vitally important area of commercial planning is ignored or misunderstood. It’s this one key area where you physically can see the difference between a program launched on the back of expertise and strategy and a program that isn’t. It can really make all the difference for your launch and continued growth — so make sure you plan ahead and have enough to build momentum to grow and scale your program. Same goes here for affiliates. Make sure you have enough capital to get the ball rolling so you’re not back-pedaling trying to raise capital with commercials that don’t make sense for you or your partners. Often I see affiliates charging high CPA or listing fees when they have little to no traffic. It’s going to be clear that you are trying to recoup your costs before you have even started your website marketing. Once you’ve launched your site, you are going to need to have enough capital available to help you drive traffic, which then allows you to do the commercial deals you need to bridge your finances. You might also need to have capital to pay salaries for a few months before the traffic sticks on the site. Keep these things in mind in your budget and planning before you begin. You can’t expect operators to front your business costs with no return on that investment, and you don’t want to have to deal with broken relationships before you even launch. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 24