GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 45 - October 2019

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Alex Tester - casinoguideuk This “techie guy” moved from the busyworld of the UK to sunny Malta — and landed in iGaming affiliation When did you first get into the iGa- ming industry? Why did you decide to enter this industry? In 2016, shortly after moving to Malta. I kind of fell into it by chance while working as a content writer, but I’m glad I did! What did you do before joining the iGaming industry? How have the experiences you had or skills you developed in other positions helped you as an affiliate? Basically I was an office guy, bouncing around different temp jobs at my local council. So I picked up quite a range of different skills relevant to that kind of work, like improving processes, creating spreadsheets, etc. So I guess doing that helped me as an affiliate by buffing up my organizational skills. And having a few couple of basic blogs and websites also helped. You have sites targeting the U.K., U.S., and German markets. What are some of the challenges of each of these markets? The biggest challenge of all three markets has to be legal compli- ance. The U.K. Gambling Commission and Advertising Standards Authority have very stringent requirements, as anyone working in that market knows. The U.S. is a constantly changing landscape. And Switzerland recently shut down activity. Alex (right) with a friend on the beaches of Malta G P W A t i m e s . o r g 50