GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 45 - October 2019

WALL OF SHAME studied,” consider this. It’s not a “study,” it’s a consultation. And the purpose of this consultation is to discuss limits, restrictions and outright bans on credit cards. So while there most certainly can be a legit argument made about the dangers of players using credit cards to gamble, you can bet that the purpose of this three-month “consultation” is not to find some middle ground. It’s so the Gambling Commission can determine to what degree the use of credit cards will be castrated. Can you imagine the impact on operators if credit cards are banned completely? Yikes. And how’s this for irony? Earlier in the summer, the Gambling Com- mission released its first status report of 2019. Among other things, the report indicated that, despite theUKGC’s best efforts to undermine it, online gambling continues to thrive in the country. In fact, the Commission was quoted as saying that despite a “marginal decline across the wider gambling industry, online gambling continues to grow,” adding that its role as regulators will be to continue to “work and to raise standards.” Translation: Even though a rash of hefty fines have taken a huge chunk out of their asses, online gambling is still growing, therefore, our goal as regulators will be to continue to work to find ways to fine them. Buckle up, my iGaming friends. With the Gambling Commission making moves like this and with Brexit fears looming, our in- dustry’s in for a rough ride like we have never seen before. Welcome to the club, UKGC! With all the turmoil and trouble we’ve wit- nessed in our industry in the U.K. over the past year or so, it’s no surprise that we have the country’s Gambling Commission in our crosshairs for this edition of the APCW Wall of Shame. Honestly, we don’t even know where to start. There have been sweeping and continuous regulation changes, the BetBright fiasco (see the July 2019 APCW Wall of Shame for all the gory details), increasing fines, increasing frequency of fines and, of course, the controversial reductions of the mini- mum bets for fixed odds betting terminals. All of the above have already hit operators hard, and have undoubtedly affected affiliate marketing in a big way. But then, to add even more gasoline to the fire, the UKGC announced in August that it was launching a “12-week consultation” regarding credit cards and gambling. Now, before you say something like, “Oh, well, that’s a good thing. That needs to be UK flag image by STILLFX/Shutterstock G P W A t i m e s . o r g 72