GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 46 - February 2020

QUOTABLES Q U O T A B L E S “Youcancome, youcanplayyour trade, youcancommit your crimes, but if I catchupwithyou, it is deador alive. Preferably dead. Alive I have to feedyou. There’s a rice crisis in this country. Onemouth lesswouldbe good.” —Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte regarding the crimes involving Chinese nationals running drug and gambling syndicates that have surged under his administration. “Youngpeoplehave toldus that gambling andgambling-like activityare slowlybut surelypollutinghobbies andpastimes that have traditionallybeenbeneficial to theirwell-being.” —Royal Society for Public Health Chief Executive Shirley Cramer regarding her call for video game companies to remove gambling elements from games that target under-18s. “We arefighting for our lives.WhenMothercare closed therewas lots of sympathy for thepeoplewho lost their jobs. But I haven’t hearda singlepoliticianshowsympathy for anyoneout ofwork in thebetting industry.Wedon’tmatter to theGovernment.” —Betfred founder Fred Done regarding the thousands of betting shops that have closed in the U.K. since the minimum bet amount on fixed odds betting terminals was slashed from £100 to £2 early last year. “Thesenewstats are a stark reminder of howcommongambling is inour societyandhoweasy it is tobecome addicted, particularly with the aggressivepush intoonline gambling. It ishigh time that all thesefirmswho spendmanymillions onmarketing andadvertising stepup to theplate and take their responsibilities seriously.” —Chief Executive of the National Health Service Simon Stevens after figures were released showing that more than half of adults in the U.K. “engage in gambling activities.” Simon Stevens photo courtesy of NHS Executive Group; Rodrigo Duerte photo courtesy of Presidential Communications Operations Office G P W A t i m e s . o r g 10