GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 46 - February 2020

How much do you like being an affiliate? Comments from GPWA members: GPWA MEMBER POLL Being a gaming affiliate can be a lot of fun for reasons that range from being your own boss and setting the hours you work, to having freedom to decide what ideas you will pursue, to directly seeing the fruits of your efforts. It’s not as stable as a “regular” job, which means it can be both exhilarating and scary. At times the work is frustrating, ranging from dealing with unethical programs to increasingly complicated regulatory requirements. Plus, there are all the typical challenges associated with running your own business, especially in the context of an industry that is, in many ways, much more competitive than it once was. In a recent GPWA poll, we asked our members if they still enjoyed being an affiliate and we’re happy to report that most of the folks who answered (37%) do indeed still love their job. Below you’ll find a sampling of some of the comments made by our members in reaction to this question. To view the poll re- sults in more detail and to see all of the member comments, as well as a complete archive of GPWA polls, visit big fish PRIVATE MEMBER I think we are very lucky to be gaming affiliates. I love the challenge the most. It’s certainly much more challenging now than it was when we started. casinoportal PRIVATE MEMBER It is a lot more challenging now, but I enjoy a challenge. While I’m not full time at the moment, I am enjoying being back. Will I have the same success? Who knows? But I’ll enjoy trying. FictionNet PRIVATE MEMBER Despite the evils we face in this industry, I LOVE being an online casino affiliate. And I am good at it, from a business point of view and that of the customer, I hope. I can’t think of any other job I could do now - been doing this too long. 27 % I’m usually happy being an affiliate 37 % I absolutely love being an affiliate I’m happy being an affiliate more often than not 13 % Being an affiliate is not that much fun anymore 13 % I am neutral about being an affiliate 7 % It has gotten to the point where I hate being an affiliate 3 % G P W A t i m e s . o r g 12