GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 46 - February 2020

is at a record high. That, combined with the global poverty rate dropping to an all-time low in 2018, will create an interesting demographic: Amassive population increasing in socio-economic status who now have access to mobile internet usage. Affiliates always need to keep an eye out for the opportunities that lie ahead. Odds are that plenty of these will be revolving around developing nations with huge growth potential. 1xBet closely monitors the market situation in Third World coun- tries while also finding innovative ways to maximize brand awareness and give people a chance to enjoy a world-class betting experience. MEGAN PALM Affiliate Manager, BitStarz Affiliates The Gold Rush is long gone, but this is old news to everyone. Unless you had absolutely no idea what you were doing, open- ing an online casino a few years back would have been a great idea, and along with a bit of luck, one could make some serious profits along the way. They scaled up quickly, investors threw money at them, and as long as the going was good, nobody really asked any questions, nor spent a significant amount of effort to answer them. As long as you were in the black, that’s all that mattered. While capital was allocated to extravagant furnishings including ball pits, gaming consoles, minibars, and even a room with an Asimo-like robot, built with its sole purpose to solve a Sudoku puzzle, times were good. Fast forward a few spins on that roulette wheel, and a clear trend has emerged. The increase in competition and stricter regula- tions have ensured that the old glory days of online casinos are no longer. Higher taxes are eating up profits. Private investors and hedge fund managers are worried about the impact of future regulations and the effect of a slowing global economy will have on the bottom line. As a result, casinos are desperate to cut costs, at any price. And the outlook for 2020? With the same payment options, games and bonuses, there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that all of the casinos out there today will be able to survive a shrinking, less profitable and more educated player base. Many smaller casinos won’t likely make it, or will do their best to be snapped up by one of the more significant players in the industry while the larger casinos will drive hard to implement institutional efficiency to keep profits high. But with themost significant upside of them all, casinos hold a massive amount of data and statistics about player activity andmarket trends. The challenge until now is that casinos neither had the desire or knowledge of how to aggregate and utilize the data correctly. This is going to be the make or break factor in 2020. And how to make it next year and in the coming years? Casinos will have to work smarter than ever before. Applying utilization of machine learning, developing operational systems to lower its dependency on labor while keeping costs down and ensuring the shareholders achieve the highest ROI possible. Fortunately, here at BitStarz, we embrace change! We move onward optimizing the present, adapting to the new and stepping forward into the future thinking of the unexplored. While being in one of the most exciting and ever-changing industries, we are accustomed to the nomad culture and are proud to be an entirely remotely run online casino. So with no ball pits and all that for us, this means less operating expenses and more money spent in the right places, talented and passionate people and systems to take us into the fourth industrial revolution. 2020 is going to be an exciting year for development , growth and change and I am looking forward to seeing howoperators will finally embrace the important role that affiliateswill play in their marketing and branding strategy. 47 G P W A t i m e s . o r g