GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 46 - February 2020

few interesting “episodes” like, for example, long-lasting chats with affiliates almost as “stubborn” as I am. Moreover, handling various complaints from affiliates, on various forums, which felt like “walking on thin ice,” but, everything, at the end, went well. My most surprising experience? Having to teach my junior fellows at King Billy Casino about what makes a good affiliate manager. This proved to be far tougher than I thought! Of course, now I am really proud of my boys and girls of the department. What skills and traits do you think are most important to become an effective affiliate manager? First of all, you have to be an extrovert. Don’t take this job up, guys, if you don’t really communicate with people. Furthermore, I believe every affiliate manager should be positive, energetic, attentive to detail, consistent and a fast learner. Also, a good memory helps, especially when your affiliate numbers surpass the 1,000+ mark, as we have done now at King Billy. What advice would you give to an affiliate webmas- ter just starting out in the iGaming industry? Just four words basically: “We’re in this together!” Guys, let’s try to be even more open, friendly and communicative with the affiliate managers, so that, together, we bring better revenues for both parties, in the end. What industry awards has King Billy Casino been shortlisted for and what makes King Billy Affiliates stand out from other affiliate programs? We won the prestigious iGB Best Affiliate Program Award and we were also short-listed for our affiliate program in both the EGR Awards and the SBC Awards. At King Billy Casino, we have a very nice Please tell us about your background and how you found yourself working in the iGaming industry? Only by answering questions like these, does one realize how time flies! It seems like yesterday when I got my major in Linguistics, but it was actually 10 years ago. It only seems like this morning, but eight years ago, by a lucky chance and unexpectedly for myself, I came across a few very cool guys in the gambling industry. It took me about 10 minutes to become enchanted by the beau- tiful world of ours and that’s how it all started. My first role was in the CSR Department where I learned from the inside what it feels like to be working in the “engine room” of an online casino. Soon after, I became an affiliate manager, having as my tasks to get the most trustful affiliates on board and to create a good reputation for my casino. Finally, in 2017 I became Head of Affiliates at King Billy, or as sometimes, I call it, “Dream Billy!” This is a casino where the ground was fertile for cultivating relationships with affiliates the way I had envisioned them. My plans were green-lighted by our management and after recruiting some young very bright stars, we have managed, today, to make up a “Dream Team.” Where are you from originally and where do you live today? I am originally from Eastern Ukraine, where I was born and finished high school. I moved to Kiev at 17 years of age, when I entered University. I have been living in Kiev for the last 15 years. Can you describe your experience in the iGaming affiliate industry thus far? What has surprised you the most? I would need to write a book as big as Rich Wilde’s Book of Dead in order to include all my experiences in the iGaming affiliate industry, there are so many! I can single out a Ruslan Legenzov King Billy Affiliates For this issue, we sat down with two affiliate managers who we most definitely want to spend more time with in 2020. As you’ll see from reading their interviews in the pages that follow, Ruslan Legenzov from King Billy Affiliates and Johan Syrén from 24K Casino Affiliates have similar views on how one should approach life each day, both professionally and personally. Ruslan and Johan are all about positive energy, having fun and strong comminication skills. They also frequent the many iGaming industry conferences and share their advice on how to make the most of these event when in attendance. Our advice? If you see them at your next conference, go out of your way to say hello. Judging from the exuberance they showed in these interviews, our guess is you won’t be disappointed by making their acquaintance. Meet the Affiliate Managers AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES G P W A t i m e s . o r g 64