GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 47 - July 2020

Are you a full-time or part-time af- filiate? I am a full-time affiliate. Since I work for myself, I can always find time for another side income (if it is worth my time). However, in the future I would be interested to start or join a business that has great potential. When I was a teenager I would always come up with various ways on how to make money on my own. I used to help people with their limited PayPal accounts, was selling an in-game currency when I was younger, and even sold our family’s honey in the local market. Do you have employees or use freelancers? I am the owner who is taking care of various tasks. We also have several freelancers. You mention on your main site that “PokCas is a unique and very useful platform like no other. You will not find advertisement banners here since we are independent and hon- est.” How is PokCas “unique” and what went into your decision to not use banners? The idea for PokCas was born during the first SiGMA’s Affiliate Grand Slam event which was hosted in a Hilton Hotel, Estonia. This was my first affiliate conference ever and I almost skipped it! And you will not believe why I almost decided not go. It was that inner voice that we all have, it says that it is not worth it, it may be boring, etc. But I had a good previous experience from my past when that inner voice of mine was wrong. I went to that previous event, I even helped run it. So it was totally opposite of what I was expecting. I even met a person whose business Bill Gates has invested. So since I was sponsored by one iGaming brand and all flights and accommodation were paid for, I literally had to go and see what would happen. I will not go into too much detail, but it was great. During one of the presentations by one of the iGam- ing companies, I somehow got this vision in my head. What if there was a platform which would rank iGaming brands, but the positions could always change? Something that you could quickly have a look at and see what is going on in the industry. My vision was to have a platform which would motivate brands to improve and fight with each other even more. So after I came back from the conference, a brand name was born in my head. Since I knew that I will mainly focus on POKer and CASino, I decided that PokCas would be a great brand name. It is short, easy to remember and represents us well. I pitched this idea to one friend of mine who is a great programmer, but an even better designer. He was really interested, however, since he preferred a monthly sal- ary and not shares of the brand, he decided to work for a very large hosting company where he still works to this day. So instead of a 50% share, I kept everything. Our brand is very different since we don’t use random banners and don’t just add icons with multiple bonuses like most sites do. What we have are transparent rankings, news and guides. If something major hap- pened in the industry – we will reflect that, we will not hide it and we will not let brands “shut us up’’. We show what is best for the players, not us, not brands, but the players. We pick brands that are innovative, creative, respond to player feedback, offer great pro- motions, their platforms are user-friendly, they are transparent and strive to become better versions of themselves. Since most websites in this industry are the opposite of that, I decided to offer something else. A website which a player could trust and value. A website which is not owned by 53 G P W A t i m e s . o r g SEO is like art , you can be good at it, but you can never fullymaster it . . . Most of our traffic is from SEO and we pay a lot of attention to it . I personally think about our SEO changes almost daily . . . . We have made a lot of progress recently and during (the later part of 2020), we expect amassive growth .