GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 49 - April 2021

FROM THE FORUMS #9 drifter8 12 February 2021 Private Member If your picks are that good, go bet with sharp bookies and do not even think of affiliation. VIP section is also a choice, but you will have a lower value. Also, for FB and Twitter ac- counts, when starting to promote a bookie be prepared for all your pages to get lost and closed, I am speaking from my experience. Also, at least 70-80% of these people already have accounts in other bookies. If you are a good punter, make bets and win as much as you can. It is not a bad idea to start your own website and start getting info about all those sub- scribers. “ Reply With Quote #10 chaumi 12 February 2021 Private Member To all who have said, “Well, if you’re that good, just go back all your tips yourself and make a fortune in winnings.” It doesn’t necessarily work like that. There are various reasons why that isn’t sustainable and not just because of the (almost certain) inevitable losing runs. Bradmondo already said he/she has been punting since age 15 (and we’ll assume that he/she is not 16 now), so you can assume that he/she knows the game well enough. Tipsters’ motives vary. Yes, many fall into the trickster bracket where they’re trying to take advantage of punters’ desires to win or their (often misplaced) optimism in trying to do so. But some do believe in what they do and ac- tually want to share that. Now that’s not al- truistic (nothing ever is right??!!!), it’s often about wanting to be seen as knowledgeable/ able to get it right/recognized for being good at it. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a base human instinct. But equally, there’s nothing wrong with (if you are “good”) noting that and seeking ways to make something from it. If you do consider the membership route, one possible pitfall (probably of many) is: The pressure. The pressure of having to get it right consis- tently enough (not there when you’re giving out free stuff) The pressure of having to go through the/ your process of arriving at selections and communicating them (also not there when you’re giving out free) “ Reply With Quote #11 casinoduende 12 February 2021 Private Member Look, all comments and advice from the members of this forum are helpful. Of course, each of us have our own experienc- es and different opinions and it is respect- able. As far as my opinion is concerned, I’ll be short: Create your own website and become an affiliate. The gambling business is very old and never ends, it transforms, but it will not die. People want to have fun, they want excite- ment and therefore they play and gamble, knowing that they are going to lose. But hu- man nature is like that. Stop worrying about ethics. You don’t rob anyone with a gun in your hand. It’s not a scam. You’re just pro- moting fun and entertainment. So, put your doubts aside and go ahead! There is a lot of work in this business. And if you really like what you do, then you’ll be in the money. Have a lot of success! “ Reply With Quote G P W A t i m e s . o r g 18