GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 49 - April 2021

What are the most successful mar- kets for LegalBet Ltd? And how long has LegalBet Ltd targeted the U.S. and Nigerian markets? Russia is, by far, the most successful market at the moment. is in around second or third place in terms of being the largest market player. The next largest markets for us are, perhaps as you would expect, some of the CIS nations, but it is expanding intoWestern Europe now. Spain is strong and Ireland will be opening soon. Nigeria has been open less than a year so is not too big yet, but there is a lot of ambition to grow to have a LegalBet site for every country in the world, where it is legal to gamble. Someone in the company told me they hope to be bigger than Catena Media. He joked, “We will buy them.” I am not directly involved with the USA site, but I know we found it was a very different market compared to what we were used to. For example, for the sports that we provide data for and write about, previously in Eu- rope it has been football dominated. But now we need to consider baseball, Ameri- can football . . . you get the idea. This different culture, which also spilled into different marketing preferences, took some time to learn. In the first year though, it beat expectations and is growing fast despite COVID. The main headache I have been told is the state-by-state regulation that can apply. Each state can be the same as operating in basically a new country. You may require new separate licenses, there are newmarket- ing rules or regulations, different bookmakers operate in some states, but not others, and even if they operate acrossmore than one state you probably need to use different affiliate codes. There is a lot to get right. But the USA is themarket with themost potential for sure, it is like a coiled spring and once it opens up, as it is, the growth will be phenomenal. LegalBet Ltd has a very active news/blog sections. Is it true that “content is king”? How much does an active blog section with daily previews and the like help with traffic and converting traffic? I think that content is everything, really. Getting people to your site is half the job, but if you have nothing interesting or of ing system, or they actually come from real empirical data from the gambling sites. For example, with the ratings for who has the best “odds,” we have taken certain games and inputted the odds each bookmaker is offering for real on that event today, and from that our backend system calculates the “overround,” or you could say “margin” or “vig,” and it then automatically puts the bookmakers with the best odds and the most value at the top. This is an incredibly good system compared to most and we want more people to know about it. At the moment, getting visitors to the site and converting traffic, we actually do best from Google SEO work. This is where the company specializes. We are building that up now for the sites I run, alongside obviously trying to have useful, relevant, valuable content once they have got there. I think that content is everything , really. Getting people to your site is half the job , but if youhave nothing interestingor of anyvalue , then they won’t stay for long, norwill they return . 57 G P W A t i m e s . o r g