GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 49 - April 2021

AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES Martin Janovcik If you hit the lottery for tomorrow and didn’t have to work another day in your life, what would you do? If possible I’d start a tailored sports betting journal and app, continue learning, spend more time with family, and invest in a green and renewable startup. What’s your favorite movie? My list is very long and it depends on the era. I like to re-watch movies after a few years and observe new angles. I like science fiction, psychology and documentarymovies themost. Next onmy list is Riders of Justice withMadsMikkelsen. If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would they be? Long dinner with JackNicholson and Phil Jackson following a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game at the Staples Center. Daniel Kahneman could join us from perspective of decision-making theory and cognitive biases. It is just three people I could list, right? (Laughs). Name one thing that people reading this magazine don’t know about you. I love the silence of mountains. It remains an important touchpoint for brands. I’m entirely convinced that successful “transfer” of that community essence to digital space has tremendous value for operators. I’ve seen this strategy work in a great way in the past. Tell us about your typical work day. I stick to my productivity hacks. You just need to make sure the job will get done. Morning hours are extremely important for quick conversations that require deep focus and attention. Cross-function- al connectivity across teams is essential as we operate with OKR methodology. It is important to take breaks, to give yourself rest in order to get better next time. What’s the office culture like at GAMING1? It is very family spirited and cultivated on a human interaction level. The culture that was created and evolved in the offices is one of productivity and enhancing creativity, as well as the ability to find new ways to accomplish goals. What are your hobbies? What takes up your time when you are not working? There’s plenty of them. Beside movies and books I collect, I enjoy marketing science, culture and arts, in general. I’m definitely a big sports enthusiast, especially basket- ball, tennis and football. Sometimes the hobby is just meditation and listening to others. Operators often don’t appreciate branding and retention power of affiliates enough, or how expanded media exposure and semantic contextuality matter. Affiliates are our partners and customers at the same time, and we are here to serve them the right way. Illustration by Macrove c tor/Shutterstock and Cube29/Shutterstock Make sure that you reduce situations where a visitor could get lost in the blind path . Produce the right content and anticipate new trends . Zoom in and zoom out, while planning ahead . G P W A t i m e s . o r g 68