GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 5 - May 2008

38 Katerina Milfaitova | *Due to space constraints, we could not print the interviews in their entirety. See the complete text on their profile pages at How long have you been working in the gambling industry and how did you get started? I came to the U.K. six years ago to learn the Eng- lish language. I could not speak any English at all before that. A few years later I was feeling confident enough to look for a “proper” job in the U.K. I tried to look for a job, where I could use English and also Czech as my native language. I was very lucky as the first CV I ever sent in the U.K. was to an online gam- ing company. I started to work for them a month later in the customer support department. Someone told me not to talk about my start in customer support. But do you know what? I am proud of my past and thanks to this job I learned e v e r y t h i ng about this i n d u s t r y – players, p r o d u c t s , and, most importantly the support, which is one of the most important roles for affiliate managers! I believe that starting from the bottom makes you better on your way up. After one year, I was promoted to the affiliate department and moved to Malta. What do you wish you knew when you got started in the industry that you know now? This is funny and a bit out of the topic. Don’t forget, I am not a native English speaker. My surname is MILFaitova and I wish I’d known what MILF meant before I joined this industry and Facebook with a shortened version of my surname! What has your experience with Af- been like so far? On a personal level – GREAT. I am working with the most wonder- ful and experienced people, Claire Leighton, Chris Taylor, Nicole Sims and our “daddy” John Ryott. All these guys are extremely supportive and helpful to me and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them – Thank you, guys!!! On a professional level, we all work from home and I guess this advan- tage is driving us to work twice as hard to prove our quality. What are your three keys to success for an affiliate? 1. Work with affiliate programs of good reputation 2. Keep your site updated. 3. Be honest with your players. What is the gambling culture like in the Czech Republic? The Czech Republic in general has quite a problem with slot machines. According to the report of the Min- istry of Finance, playing slot ma- chines covers 53% of the whole market, followed by casino, sports betting and lottery. Over 90 mil Euro was bet last year (excluding online gambling). Online, sports betting is definitely number one in the Czech market, and poker is growing rapidly. It has been esti- mated that Czech players bet over 160 mil Euro on the Internet per year, purely on sports betting! What is the reactionof peoplewhen you tell them that you work in the online gambling industry? This job is so unusual for Czech people, that it is always difficult to explain. For people it is hard to believe that someone can be at home all the time (since I work remotely), traveling almost on a monthly basis, visiting places like Curacao, Macau, and Las Vegas, and being paid on top of it. Before getting into this industry you worked as a TV presenter and a radio news editor. What was that experience like? Ahhh, great mem- ories. I started to work in TV as a teenager and it was a fantastic ex- perience. I was very lucky to win the casting. After my studies I got a chance to work in radio as a news editor and reader. It took me two weeks to learn the “news voice.” We Czechs “sing” when we read and that is not allowed in the news. I learned to sound serious and cold, so that even my family did not rec- ognize me on the air If there was going to be a movie made about your life story, what actress would play the lead role? What genre of movie would it be? A romantic comedy with a cross between Nicole Kidman (nice, kind and very classy) and a bit of Jim Carrey, as I can be a bit crazy. I can- not really think of one female ac- tress describing me. What are your some of your favor- ite hobbies? My sister just had her second baby, so I love being around my two beautiful nieces. I missed the first two years of my first one when I was living abroad, so I want to enjoy this new baby as much as I can. Babies grow up very fast. I also love attending my spinning classes at the local gym! Describe what a “perfect day” would be like for you. My wedding day? Seriously, I hope I will get married one day without looking old… GPWA TIMES | Affiliate Manager Interview Series “At, we all work from home and I guess this advantage is driving us to work twice as hard to prove our quality.”