GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 5 - May 2008

Webmaster News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . QUOTABLES Everest Poker nabsWorld Series of Poker felt rights Fun poker hand nicknames The Everest Poker brand will be receiving some serious “face time” when ESPN begins broadcasting the World Series of Poker from Las Vegas this summer. The popular poker room signed a major agreement with Harrah’s Entertain- ment in March that in- cludes satellite rights and brand placement on all of the table-top felts at the World Series of Poker, and for the first time, the inner rung of the WSOP featured table. With this new agreement, Everest Poker’s brand will reach an estimated global audience of 200 million. Ad- ditionally, the new alliance enables Everest Poker to provide its largely European player base with more op- portunities to play in a WSOP event in Las Vegas. “We are thrilled with this deal, as it will allow us to leverage our access to the WSOP to give our European players the best chance possible to compete at -- and win -- WSOP events in Las Vegas,” said Jennifer Joyce, Ever- est Poker’s VP of Marketing. “We have al- ways strived to make poker as accessible as possible to everybody, not just the elite few. The WSOP is the true global standard for poker giving pros a chance at history and amateur players the chance to fulfill their dream by rubbing shoulders with the legends. Our goal is to see a European win the Main Event.” Everest was also thrilled when Harrah’s announced the WSOP’s new format, which will “pause” the Main Event, mov- ing the final table to Novem- ber when ESPN will broadcast same-day coverage. “This move is a master- stroke for the WSOP’s global profile and will undoubtedly make the build up to the final table the most dramatic yet,” Joyce added. “From both a c o mm e r c i a l and personal point of view I am hugely sup- portive of the scheduling and from a European perspective it gives everybody a much better chance to see the biggest event in world poker.” “It’s one of the few games you can compete fairly against a man and come out on top. You get away with a bit more as a woman.” — Debbie Channing, who is ranked among Wales’top poker players, on why there has been a surge in women poker players in recent years (icWales) “The people who are violating the law need to know that they’re not going to be able the get away with it, and I think that the failure to get these regulations promulgated on time has perhaps given some hope, and it’s given life even to an idea over in the House of Representatives to put a moratorium on the regulations.” — Sen.John Kyl (R-Ariz.), the chief architect of the UIGEA (Las Vegas Review Journal) “We haven’t seen a lot of women come to us yet with gambling problems, but I have absolutely no hesitation in saying it will rocket.” — Colin O’Driscoll of the Forest Addiction Clinic in Ireland.(Irish Independent) GPWA TIMES | Webmaster News Kojak The pocket cards K-J, either suited or offsuit.The name originates from the television series “Kojak,” which ran on CBS in the U.S. from 1973 until 1978. Broderick Crawford The pocket cards 10-4, either suited or offsuit. The nick- name refers to actor Broderick Crawford’s role as Chief Dan Mathews in the television series Highway Patrol, which aired from 1955 until 1959. The series was later rerun un- der the new name Ten-Four, referring to the radio code for“message received.” Raquel Welch The pocket cards 8-3, either suited or offsuit. The origin of this hand is open to debate. Some say itrefersto38,theage Welch always claimed she was. Others sug- gest the 38 refers to a certain measurement. Anna Kournikova The pocket cards A-K,either suited or offsuit.The nickname originates partly from the former tennis pro’s initials, A.K. In addition to playing on Kournikova’s initials, the hand nickname also has roots in an analogy between the pro and the hand: They are both said to “look better than they play.” Doyle Brunson The card combination 10-2 either suited or offsuit, used exclusively when these are held as pocket cards. This hand is named after the legend- ary poker personalityDoyle Brunson. Mr. Brunson is widely understood to be one of the greatest poker players of all time. He won two consecutive World Series of Poker champion- ships - in 1976 and 1977 - each with the starting hand 10-2.In both cases, he won the showdown with a full house,10s full of 2s. Jackson Five The pocket cards J-5 suited or off- suit. The name originates from the phonetic similarity of “Jacks and Fives” to the name of the musical group the Jackson Five. Darth Vader The pocket cards 4s-4c. The name originates from the phonetic simi- larity between “dark fours” and “dark force.”The villain Darth Vad- er was aligned with the dark force For more poker hand nicknames name after people and a complete dictionary, visit