GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 50 - August 2021

I s all traffic to your website considered “good traffic,” even if those visitors are simply looking for bonuses or free spins and have no intention of depositing? That was the question posed on the GPWA Forums b y one of our members, igniting a spirited back-and-forth r egarding so-called “no deposit” traffic. As is often the case in these situations, while there was no “correct” answer, everybody who responded made v alid points, no matter what side of the argument they were on. Some went as far as to call this kind of traffic “worthless,” while others claimed it has been profitable for them for many years. Excerpts from the thread are presented in the following pages. To read the entire conversation, visit For more forum posts, industry news, and complete ar- chives of our weekly GPWA newsletters and the GPWA Times Magazine , visit Debating the value of “no deposit” traffic FROM THE FORUMS * This thread was edited for clarity and length G P W A t i m e s . o r g 14