GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 50 - August 2021

rand identity, creativity, innovation — these words have taken center stage in the annu- al strategy presentation of every person who identifies themselves as a marketing specialist. Yet, interestingly enough, beyond the bold fonts and the flashy visuals, these words are often doomed to remain on the shelf (or the “unnamed folder” on your laptop). I can’t help but wonder how it’s possible that even though we all recognize the importance of these aspects in building a successful business, we tend to get lost throughout the way and focus on more conventional and measurable campaigns? The truth is, marketing departments work under the constant pressure of calculating their impact here and now. They spend all of their time and energy coming up with mea- surable campaigns that they can include in their monthly reports to showcase how hard they’ve worked. This is partly because today’s businesses are mostly impatient, which can result in sweeping creativity, brand identity and innovation under the rug. Does By Maria Tsnompilantze Affiliate marketers tend to think that creativity, innovation and brand identity are complex concepts. This fear can cause them to get stuck in their safety bubble where their success is measured solely by Google rankings and number of clicks. Creativity Scare You? G P W A t i m e s . o r g 38