GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 50 - August 2021

Of course, life experience gained over the years helps a person a lot in starting any business, even a completely unfamiliar direction.Working as a guide-interpreter I had a website, so I already had some knowledge and experience on the internet. And, of course, some advice and guidance from my friend Mark also helped me quickly master the specifics of webmaster affiliate work. The industry has changed dramatical- ly over the last few years. What have you done to adapt and survive? Yes, of course, things change very quickly, especially in the iGaming industry. I think consistency and the ability and willingness to adapt to new changes is one of the foundations of success for any business. Certainly it’s very hard. Well, who says that working as a webmaster is easy? No, it’s quite a laborious process, where many people start and then quit after a while. You need to keep track of trends, changes in technology, players’ interests and many other factors. I admit, I’ve hadmoments of desperation, too. There were times when I wanted to quit everything and do other things. But I got ashamed, and after telling myself that I wouldn’t give up, I continued what I started. I think that only persistence and a constant search for the best will keep anyone afloat over the long haul. Please tell us the story behind your username “casinoduen- de.” The history of the username “casinoduende” is directly related to the name of my first project, Casino Duende. The original idea was to make a website geared towards Hispanic players. That’s why I chose a Spanish word for my domain name. During the search, frommy previous work as a tourist guide, I remembered the name of a cafe that I visited with my clients during a tour of Valencia. It’s a cozy bar with live performances of traditional flamencomusic and dancing, calledCafé del Duende. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to use the word “Duende” and named my website Casino Duende. The word “Duende” itself has a different interpretation in the mythology of different 43 G P W A t i m e s . o r g