GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 50 - August 2021

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES On your GPWA profile page you list your occupation as “professional bettor and punter.” How long has your main source of income been from gambling? It has been my main source of income for the last five years. I am betting mostly on non-popular markets or player specials. I have to mention also outrights. My favorite markets for football are over/under lines, corners and Asian handicaps. For basketball, it’s pretty much the same. Also, I want to give advice for starting bettors. Be careful with the main markets of a game, like money lines or dou- ble chances. Value is deep “down under.” The devil is in the details. You have also been an iGaming af- filiate for nearly 15 years. Please tell us how you got started as an affiliate. Do you consider yourself a part-time affiliate and full-time professional gambler? I started back in 2015 with my first site I had a deep knowledge of all the processes in any casino or sportsbook and wanted to test and see how it was delivered to players of any given bookie. The first six months were pretty hard as I did not have enough knowledge, but I started to read a lot of forums and asked friends of mine how and what to improve. I am keen in football, tennis and American sports. On a daily basis, I have written a lot of articles, it has been pretty interesting to me. I am definitely a part-time affiliate and full-time professional gambler. When I watch any single game, I am having it in my mind looking through it and imaging it as: figures, odds, markets, volumes, exposures and income. Income for the bookie, for the affiliate and for the gambler. To be a good gambler means to know where is the value in any given moment of a pre-match or live event, no matter the sport. How did you get your start in gam- bling? What other jobs have you held in your life that did not involve gambling? I started as a joke, sent my Nedyalko P. - drifter8 Punting Profits A full-time professional sports bettor based in Bulgaria , Nedyalko has used the tools of his trade to carve out a steady streamof extra income as an iGaming affiliate for I am definitely a part-time affiliate and full- time professional gambler . . . To be a good gambler means to knowwhere the value is in any given moment of a pre-match or live event , no matter the sport. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 52