GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 51 - November 2021

It’s something special when a person who has a wealth of experience and expertise in a particular field is also willing to share advice and past successes and failures on a public forum. At the GPWA, we’re very fortunate to have many of these generous souls as part of our membership and we sit down with two of them in this installment of the Affiliate Interview Series. Between the two of them, “chaumi” and “casino2k” have more than 25 years of experience in the iGaming affiliate business and in the following pages we find out more about not only how they got their start and how they’ve managed to survive, but also their personal lives and what makes them tick on a daily basis. GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Steve C. - chaumi The Affiliate Who’s Not an Affiliate Meet “chaumi,” a full-time telecommunications wiz and one of ourmore active , helpful and knowledgeable members on the GPWAForums . He got started in the industry after cashing a couple lucrative horse racingwagers , but after nearlyadecade in the business he still considers himself a “part-time”player . You’ve been a member of GPWA since 2010, yet you don’t classify yourself as an “affiliate”? What gives? The key point to know here is I’ve never gone full time into the business of website building. Behind it all, there’s a day job in telecom services. While the hope was always (and to some extent, still is) to eventually give that up and earn similar money as an affiliate, the reality is that it hasn’t happened for a combination of factors. I’ve made too many mistakes, chosen too many wrong targets and subject choices, wasn’t clever enough early enough, was too slow to learn and change, had insufficient belief and commitment, not enough desire G P W A t i m e s . o r g 44