GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 51 - November 2021

previous experience of at least building out content that would be seen as valuable by both visitors and the big G, it was almost like starting out as a newbie. I quickly realized it would be helpful to study developments in website and webpage structure and how the algorithms handle those elements and deliver SERPs results based on them. It was evident that anyone building pages who wanted to compete would have to be building clever stuff that was at least equally as good as anything already out there and ideally better than it. That, or (in addition) be spending time and money on some intensive link building along with appreciating numerous other developments. Link building is, unfortunately, the one area I’ve never been interested in, which of course, is a significant drawback. The reality is that every aspect counts and needs attention. The structure, the age, the authority, the content value, backlinks, speed, and a whole host of other on-page and off-page elements are all important in varying amounts. This entire collection of factors is what someone just starting out rarely fully appreciates. I began moving into the fields of content enhancement, optimization and algorithms. These subjects then led further into deeper SEO areas like handwritten Schema and how to use different tools to improve content output, alongside how it all ties together to help the search engines read, understand, and rank pages. Unfortunately, the speed and CWV stuff popped up. Speed issues drained a significant amount of time – but even that was a good learning opportunity and got me some technical level knowledge that I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. Approaching problems you think will be beyond you is often a great way to learn. Where are you now? It’s been eight months since your “re-entry.” Have there been any tangible results from your efforts? Well, I had some successes with improved rankings on enhanced content, but that takes time and effort. It can take days to work one piece of 3,000+ word content and entirely turn it into a structured article that search engines are potentially going to recognize as suitably authoritative. The whole exercise can be complex, so it can be a slow process, especially if your structure isn’t quite right at a site level to support that content from the start. Using a domain that can target so many different aspects of the industry is both a blessing and a curse. There’s never going to be any chance of running short of ideas for content. You can cover plenty of subjects where it’s more likely they’ll pick up GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES When aiming for thetop,weall knowthat linkswillhelp, but the reality is even that won’t necessarilycrackit. There’smuchmoregoing on thanmeets theeye, and workonthispuzzle continues unabated. Therehavebeensome recent promisingobservations and discoveries, so the signs are highlyencouraging. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 46