GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 51 - November 2021

tions mentioned. It’s a fascinating subject, and becomes more interesting the older you get! There’s a lot to be said for taking a preventative stance as you age, and using whatever options are at your disposal to try and maintain the best health level possible. I need to improve my cardio fitness further. Walking two dogs twice a day helps with that, and those dog walks are where I watch SEO videos to make the best use of time. I’m ever hopeful that one day we’ll get home, and Pickle will say, “Don’t worry owner, we’ll try out that new Schema idea you just watched while you write an intro to a Canada sports betting page,” but sadly, all I ever get is “Thanks for the walk, now where’s my dinner!” Aside from that, my son is just over 14 and still needs me to play table tennis, badminton, tennis, and partake in the occasional football kick-about. But really, there is no end to the effort that needs to go into websites. You could spend 18 hours a day and never get it all done – a good reason why sometimes you have to force yourself to take a small break and avoid the risk of a meltdown. If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would those be? I’m not too interested in historical figures, so the answer here would be a selection of GPWA members. There are a number that could be named here, with a few in particular that everyone will know. But I do not doubt that many current members would grace any dinner table with their intelligence, wit, good humor, and elegance. I, on the other hand, may feel slightly out of place in such exalted company! I’d like to have the entire membership round for a barbecue, but sadly that event is very likely unachievable. Name three things that people reading this magazine don’t know about you. I’ve probably already spilled plenty of things along those lines, but: 1. I got close to playing professional football for a U.K. club as a youngster, but fell at the last hurdle (ha, what man doesn’t have a story about how he nearly made it in a professional sport!) 2. I have a drawer full of different green and bark teas in the kitchen, and there’s a daily ritual for preparing various brewing combinations. 3. Since anchoring the feeling of being hypnotized during a session to stop smoking some 30 years ago, I can enter a hypnotic state pretty much at will through minimal self-hypnosis. Sadly, that fails to work with a suggestion to write a 15,000-word page around the subject of “online casino bonuses” from within your subconscious. GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES chaumi 5 Dimes