GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 51 - November 2021

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES completely based on SEO, and SEO is totally unpredictable. What’s your approach to SEO and drawing traffic to your sites? SEO has changed very much. We struggle every day finding a way to beat the competition. Old SEO was finding the right keywords to target and the best links to buy. Now Artificial Intelligence used by search engines is very smart (sometimes too stupid), it’s not a matter of finding the right trick to cheat the algorithm. You must be credible and trusted by Google and by your audience in order to build your own brand and to develop your longterm strategy. What are some of the biggest myths about SEO? 1. Content is king 2. Artificial Intelligence is able to fully understand user intent 3. Link building is dead 4. White Hat SEO always wins against Black Hat SEO What do you think the iGaming affiliate industry will look like in five years from now? I think it will be almost the same. Big companies will try to use new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, but it won’t work very much because AI is not as good as humans in understanding players’ needs and emotions. What have you learned over the years about picking and choosing the right affiliate programs for your sites? Thirteen years ago, the GPWA was our only source of information about affiliate programs and helped me a lot in choosing which partner to trust. With regulation, only trusted operators enter the Italian market, there isn’t much to choose from. You told us back in 2010, “I like gambling; it’s easy to develop and write about something you like.” How much of your success as an affiliate can be attributed to the fact that you are working in an industry you genuinely enjoy? I still gamble just to try new games and to understand if an operator offers a good or poor user experience. I used to go with my partners to real casinos, but the pandemic stopped live gaming. I don’t think you can understand player needs if you don’t know what they are talking about. Being a gambler makes a big difference between a web affiliate and a casino affiliate. On the home page of your site, it says, “Winning takes culture, luck and support. We give you the culture and support, but luck, on the other hand, you have to meet in the game.” Please tell us more about this and how you provide your visitors “culture and support.” For culture, we write content to drive players to responsible gambling, to avoid stupid strategies, and to control their feelings. It’s not easy, you must be honest with them and with yourself too. For support, we help people solve their problems with operators when their customer service is not able to explain how to do something, which documents to provide for identity verification, how to unlock blocked game sessions with money stuck inside a game, withdraw money deposited through someone else’s credit card. That’s the kind of real support they need to have a safe and fun gambling experience. Your site also has an active forum. What’s it like managing and running a forum? Does having that kind of engagement with your visitors help convert them to FTDs? Nowadays, public discussion boards have almost disapcasino2k about A little bit more Matteo G. He is 40 years old His favorite food is Spaghetti carbonara His site is His favorite book is The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri He is living in his hometown Milan, Italy Milan photo by Boris Stroujko/Shutterstock; Spaghetti photo by Nata Bene/Shutterstock Right now, affiliate marketing in Italy is completely based on SEO, andSEO is totally unpredictable . . . I’d like to knowhow SEO will be in2025. That would saveme from losingmorehair. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 54