GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 51 - November 2021

AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES Anton Petrov Boomerang Partners Please tell us a little bit about yourself. I was born and raised in Moscow. I have been working in the digital industry for over 11 years and have been working in the iGaming world for over three years. How did you find your way into the iGaming industry? I got into iGaming from the digital sphere. To be more precise, through digital-mo- bile-iGaming. Starting with mobile, I began to work very closely with CPA/revenue share traffic, so when I switched to iGaming, I already knew a lot. What has surprised you most about working in the iGaming industry? What surprises me most is how dynamically this field is developing. But even more so is how rapidly and dramatically things can change. And perhaps one of the most important traits of people who work in this sphere is the ability to adapt quickly to new changes. Please tell us about your typical work day. A typical day for a Head of the Affiliate is to monitor affiliate statistics, then product statistics, meetings, calls, and work as closely as possible with the team. My job as amanager is to helpmy teamachieve better results. What’s the office culture like at Boomerang Affiliates? We try to be as democratic as possible and provide the maximum level of freedom and comfort for our employees. This applies to atten- dance at trade fairs, training sessions, etc. What are the keys to a beneficial working relationship between an affiliate manager and an affiliate? Responsiveness and proactive- ness. You don’t just have to respond on time and provide up-to-date information, you have to try to come up with solutions for particular affiliates. Boomerang promotes two casino brands – Boka Casino and Boomerang Casino. What should affiliates know to help them effec- tively market these brands? These are two modern casinos built on the same platform - Soft- 2bet. That said, Boomerang Casino is licensed by Curacao and Boca is built on the MGA. It also says on the website that “betting” is “coming soon.” Do you care to explain what is coming soon? There are about five G P W A t i m e s . o r g 66