GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 52 - March 2021

Do you have a dedicated room for a Home Office? GPWA MEMBER POLL While the COVID-19 pandemic created an entirely new perspective on “working from home,” most affiliate webmasters were already taking advantage of this perk. In fact, in a poll we posted on the GPWA Forums back in March 2016, 64% of respondents said they worked from a home office in their primary residence. So, we decided to throw the question out there again, except this time we asked if our members had a dedicated room in their living space that served as a home office. Not surprisingly, an overwhelming amount of us (71%) do indeed have that space devoted to working hours, and while some have done this for many years, others were driven to it by the result of having more family members at home due to the pandemic. See below for the voting results and a sampling of comments from our members. To view more details about this poll and read all of the member feedback we received, visit Comments from GPWA members Juan Roman PRIVATE MEMBER I have worked from a home office for 10 years, converting one room in my apartment into an office . . . Two years ago, I decided to rent an office space and I am really happy with the choice. I am more productive in a real office and it’s nice to separate work from personal things. newcustomeroffer PUBLIC MEMBER I’ve always been a little nomadic working at home, anywhere from the kitchen table to in front of the TV works for me. However, since COVID my wife has also worked at home, so last year we converted our loft to create another bedroom and an office, which we share during the week now. Mattbar PRIVATE MEMBER I think it is important to have a space or room you define as your office. This way I can leave my “office” in the evening, shut the door and put work aside until the next day . . . I also work with my wife, but with two floors in between us, it’s nice to have things to catch up on after work when we haven’t seen each other for most of the day. 71%Yes, I have a room dedicated as a home office. 13%No, but I have a dedicated area within a room that I use for work. 8%No, I don’t have a primary work area at home. 8%No, I don’t have a dedicated home office or work area, but have a primary work area that I also use for other activities. 12 G P W A t i m e s . o r g