GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 52 - March 2021

Excerpts from the thread are presented in the following pages. To read the entire conversation, visit For more forum posts, industry news, and complete archives of our weekly GPWA newsletters and the GPWA Times Magazine, visit FROM THE FORUMS How did you build a Website? Quality Affiliate It’s one thing to build a new website. But developing a website that is optimal for affiliate marketing requires a whole different set of skills and consideration, especially if you are a newbie. Recently on the GPWA Forums, a member from Japan asked for help on where to begin when trying to start from square one when constructing an affiliate site. Our membership was quick to explain that if built correctly, an affiliate website could very well lead to consistent, passive income, but if not, the blood, sweat and tears put into the effort would simply be a waste of time. * This thread was edited for clarity and length G P W A t i m e s . o r g 14