GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 52 - March 2022

tough. They learn far more than just dealing cards or spinning a wheel, even being able to identify potential problem gamblers. Which markets are hottest for Live Casinos? And which ones have been slow to be receptive to them? All markets enjoy Live Casino games. More recently India and South America are growing markets. The biggest market will be the U.S. and we are starting to see live casino develop strongly in the three regulated states. Players can now access games from the premium suppliers, Evolution and Playtech. How big is your team? Do you employ full-timers or use freelancers? I have a team of one, me. I occasionally use someone to do some content and back linking for me. I decided early on that I didn’t want to create a team, have staff and all the issues that go with that. I’ve done that in my past roles, and quite frankly I’d had enough. My life is quite simple now. I realize that limits my site’s potential, but I’m happy with that as I have a great worklife balance. I did use a SEO company for about six months and quickly discovered they were not as invested as me in getting results. Perhaps if I had paid them on increases in revenue they may have been more focused, rather than push me through their defined processes, which didn’t deliver the results I had hoped for. I dropped them shortly after I realized I was being taken for a ride. Speaking of SEO, what is your approach? How much time do you specifically spend on SEO for your sites on a weekly basis? I write and create content on a daily basis. I write about what interests me and I think what my visitors would like to read about. As for SEO, I stick to the guidelines that Google publishes. I don’t use any tools, worry about competitors or do link building campaigns. I rely on the authority I have built and hope I get rewarded by Google with good rankings. So far that’s been successful. I sometimes go back and freshen up articles and check for spelling and grammatical errors, but I consider that to be good housekeeping. If a 25-year-old friend of yours told you he or she was going to try and become a full-time iGaming affiliate, what would your reaction and advice be? Affiliation is not the get rich quick scheme as many people think. Back in the day it may have been, but it’s not like that now. My advice to anyone starting in this sector would be to create something they would enjoy researching and writing about. It also depends on the skills they are bringing to the table. Will they do everything themselves or will they get others to do it for them? Doing the former you can do things for nothing, the latter will require some bankroll. I’d advise them to specialize and do something that is different from what other affiliates are doing. They should try and stand out and provide something no one else does. The days of review sites, in my opinion, are dead for new entrants. I would be researching what data players want and provide them with that in GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES nwalker For me, to be successful in business I need to have good strong relationships with my peers, competitors, suppliers and affiliate programs. There is no substitute for meeting someone in person. You can tell somuch from having that chat, looking into someone’s eyes and shaking their hand. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 46