GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 54 - November 2022

What type of site would you choose if you were starting over as an iGaming affiliate? GPWA MEMBER POLL The global affiliate marketing industry was worth over $17 billion as of Q2 2021, up from $13 billion in 2016, according to Mhojhos, with 56% of affiliate programs reporting increased revenue during the COVID-19 lockdown. But as the size of the affiliate marketing pie increases, many experts advise that finding a small slice – or a niche market – is the best path for success. The thought process is that while your potential audience will be smaller, they’ll be more emphatic about the subject, making it more likely your traffic will convert. Recently on the GPWA forums, member “dannyx” asked our community if they were starting over, would they try to carve out a narrow niche, or create a more non-specific site with a generic online casino domain, pointing out that he felt it would be better to focus on a niche market. Whilemost of his fellowmembers agreed, there was some support for going the route of a more general site. A sampling of comments from our members, as well as the poll results, are found below. For more details regarding this poll and to view all of the comments and advice from our members, visit Comments from GPWA members kod NEW MEMBER The site should be as general as possible. This will give you much more flexibility with switching niches. PaulEchere PRIVATE MEMBER Being “as niche as possible” seems to summarize a reasonable approach. Probably the best way to use your resources (especially if they are, in most cases, your time) is to find a niche, where you can realistically compete. Pokerface PUBLIC MEMBER Definitely niche. Find the right topic and focus on it. Do it very well rather than spreading yourself too thin. 50%Niche 12.5%General topic 12.5%Mix of both 25%Very narrow niche G P W A t i m e s . o r g 12