GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 55 - February 2023

Do you gamble? GPWA MEMBER POLL One of the most popular polls on the GPWA Forums was posted back in April of 2015 when member Triple7 asked the following: “We all promote gambling sites like casinos, poker sites, lotteries, bookies, etc., but do you gamble yourself?” Over the last seven-plus years, the poll continues to receive votes and the results have inevitably been varied. With nearly 400 votes counted, the majority of our members who voted (29%) reported that while they do gamble, it’s usually only once a month. That said, 21% of respondents reported that they do not gamble at all, another 21% were on the opposite side of the spectrum and stated they gamble “several times a week” while 10% said they gamble “just about every day.” A sampling of some of the more recent comments from the poll can be found below. For more details regarding this poll and to view all of the comments and advice from our members, visit Comments from GPWA members NoDepositCasinos PUBLIC MEMBER I only do it online a couple of times a month. However, I prefer to go to a casino and enjoy the complete experience of leaving the house, traveling to a new location, playing, and having a drink with my friends. Maheaatom PRIVATE MEMBER There’s a difference between “playing” and “gambling.” If you want to run a good affiliate site and write interesting content, you should play different games just for understanding them. But you should avoid “gambling,” although it’s not easy, because you “live” inside the world of gambling. bookmakerJP PRIVATE MEMBER I like football and watch the English Premier League. I’m not very interested in gambling itself, but I do use gambling as a tool to enjoy football more excitingly. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 12 21%Yes, several times a week. 10%Yes, just about every day. 19%Yes, about once a week. 29%Yes, but only one day a month or less. 21% No, never.