GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 56 - July 2023

time. I played a lot of slots in demo mode, which helped me understand players and their preferences to some extent. Therefore, when I create content for my projects, I first of all try to understand and give the player what he is looking for, because unfortunately, many of my competitors ignore this aspect. How did you go about starting your first site in 2020? After I had worked for a year and a half and understood the business better, I wanted to create something of my own. I bought my first domain in 2019, but as it turned out, my knowledge and desire were not enough to bring it to life. But the idea of my own business did not leave me, and a year later, I tried again and bitcasinorank. com was born. By the way, the site I failed to launch in 2019 is, which I managed to relaunch in partnership in 2022. Bitcoin had been around for about 11 years, so what made you want to start your own business and focus on crypto? When I was doing research about launching an affiliate website, I came across a piece of advice to start with as narrow a topic. I was also interested in cryptocurrencies, so I decided to combine these topics inmy project. How did you come up with the foundation of your ranking system for bitcoin casinos? What needs to happen for your rankings to change over time? Well, my ranking system is very simple, in the casino review I paid the most attention to the presence of complaints about the casino, and everything else is purely symbolic. If I continue to work on the site, in the future I would like to create a complex ranking systemwith a large number of parameters. So, for the system to change, I need more free time. (Laughs). Crypto is a polarizing subject with many people. How have you dealt with the ups and downs and what does the future hold? The answer is simple - immediately convert all cryptocurrencies into stablecoins, such as USDT or BUSD. What are your thoughts on KYC as it relates to crypto casinos? Most crypto casinos operate under the Curacao license, so their situation is the same as that of other casinos with such a license, sometimes better, sometimes worse. If we are talking about crypto casinos without a license, the absence of KYC is presented as an advantage because many people want anonymity from crypto operators. You list three other sites on your GPWA profile page. Are they all active? If so, how do you manage all of these sites? I actuallymanage six websites as my co-own projects and help with SEO for one third-party website. Plus, I work full-time for another. Of course, there is a catastrophic lack of time, and it is impossible to manage all this on a sufficient level by yourself. So, some sites get more attention and some less, and in several projects, I am a co-owner and responsible for SEO, while my partners do other work. What is your approach to SEO? What work do you put in to continue to develop your SEO strategy? My approach is never stop learning and don’t forget the basics. Create new content, G P W A t i m e s . o r g My approach is never stop learning and don’t forget the basics. Create new content, optimize old content and build links - this is 99% of my SEO strategy. 55