GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 57 - November 2023

Do You Use Banners on Your Sites? GPWA MEMBER POLL Are banners still relevant on affiliate websites today, or have they become outdated and ineffective? GPWA member “dannyx” went to our forums with this query recently, adding that he has always been an opponent and has never used a single banner on any site, but was experimenting with using one. We used the question as a weekly poll question asking members if they still incorporated banners into their website design, or if they thought they have become outdated and ineffective in capturing audience attention. As seen below, the response from the GPWA membership gave a slight edge to the pro contingent, with both sides providing compelling comments to support their position. For more details regarding this poll and to view all of the feedback, visit Comments from GPWA members The Gooner PRIVATE MEMBER Given the rigmarole many jurisdictions have for exact wording of offers, I find it useful to have a banner that spells things out exactly as the client / partner wants it to be displayed . . . So, I am OK with banners with moving parts. I am OK with large banners, as long as they offer facts and details. NoDepositCasinos PUBLIC MEMBER I stopped using banners. I found them distracting, and their click-through rate was low and still decreasing. AVC-Invest PRIVATE MEMBER Yes, I use banners also. But I’m not as keen on them as I used to be. I think they can cause an issue with the look and feel of a website. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 12 38%No 48%Yes 14%Mixed (some sites, yes, some sites, no)