GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 57 - November 2023

Navigating the World of iGaming Affiliation in the US One of the greatest needs for affiliates right now is to ensure they have a modern site that provides consistently fresh content to entice users, and that rankswell in terms of SEO. When assessing affiliate sites in the U.S., amajor takeaway is that toomany of them have outdated designs. he U.S. has long been considered one of the most important emerging markets in the iGaming world, as it’s slowly becoming regulated with multiple new states and jurisdictions going live every year. As of mid-2023, the market was reporting revenues of $3 billion and BlueWeave Consulting forecasts it to reach $7.61 billion by 2028, demonstrating why the eyes of the iGaming industry have been upon it for so long. That doesn’t mean the U.S. market has been without its challenges, especially for affiliates. It can be tricky for affiliates to navigate the U.S. market, with each state and jurisdiction implementing its own regulatory framework, and some markets taking longer than expected to adopt regulations and open up for iGaming. With that in mind, and relying upon the expertise of the Income Access affiliate marketing team, let’s look at how the American iGaming market has grown and how affiliates can make the most of the opportunities. USMarket Overview While the overall U.S. iGaming space continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down, the last year has been an interesting one. It stayed consistent in terms of regulatory progress with a handful of new states going live for online gaming in 2022. There are several states actively considering legislation to legalize iGaming, suggesting that the market very likely will be considerably larger within a few short years. The past year has been a particularly enlightening one from a marketing perspective. In certain markets that opened, operators overestimated on marketing budgets, with New York being a clear example of this. All the top brands were ready to battle for market share and invested significant spend in marketing, which led to exciting growth but rising costs as well. The balance has improved in New York and other states as operators adjust their marketing spend accordingly, and consider other channels. A big part of the recalibration of their marketing strategies has involved affiliate marketing, as the channel has proven to be a valuable way for brands to efficiently grow without overspending. Affiliate Best Practices for US iGaming As more and more operators are looking to affiliate marketing as a component of their U.S. strategy, it creates more potential for affiliates in the iGaming space as well, making it vital for them to keep up to date on best practices. With that in mind, one of the greatest needs for affiliates right now is to ensure they have a modern site that provides consistently fresh content to entice users, and that ranks well in terms of SEO. When assessing affiliate sites in the U.S., a major takeaway is that too many of them have outdated designs, which may lead users to conclude that the content isn’t relevant to them. Users visiting affiliate sites are also looking for up-to-date content, so affiliates should ensure they are consistently refreshing their sites with insightful blog posts, offers from operators, or other information that may be relevant to their target audience. Developing this kind of quality SEO content flow allows affiliates to organically grow their audience and increase retention rate. In terms of the content itself, another takeaway from reviewing affiliate sites is that a lot of the content is fairly similar. Differentiation is key here and though it’s typically mentioned as a focus for operators, it applies to affiliates too. Ones that can stand out with original content that offer different types of value to their audience have a strong chance of improving their SEO rank. However, best practices do not rest with affiliates alone. It is important for affiliates to work with operators who can provide affiliates with real-time reporting as part of their tracking solution. Affiliates who work with Income Access consistently mention real-time reporting to be a vital component of their partnership with us, as it allows them to optimize their campaigns in real-time and increase the amount of users they send to operator sites. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 22