GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 6 - September 2008

GPWA Affiliate Interview Series 27 | GPWA Times INTERVIEWWITH Bill Jordan | penny-slot-machine >> Continued on page 60 He’s always loved slots — and researching natural anti- viral proteins is fun, too! In your GPWA profile, it says you used to be a scientist. What kind of scientist were you? I worked as an immu- nologist at Imperial College London. My research was aimed at improving bone mar- row transplantation success for childhood leukemia. Sub- sequently, I moved to a genet- ics lab in Newark, New Jersey (at UMDNJ), where I under- took work researching newly discovered, natural anti-viral proteins. The work was great fun, stimulating and varied, involving laboratory work, lec- turing, supervising students and presenting at conferences around the world. How and why did you transi- tion into investing in small companies on the London Stock Exchange? I’ve always been interested in stocks and shares, and about 8 years ago I decided to learn how to invest in the market as a spare-time hobby. I hadn’t intended for it to become my profession, but in 2004 I caught mono (EBV or glandular fever for those in the U.K.), leaving me with chronic fatigue. Eventually, it became clear that I would have to quit work to recover properly. In order to keep money coming in, my invest- ment hobby became my full- time job – I could work from home and sleep whenever I needed the rest. I’ve been able to make a good living out of it and have been investing full time ever since. What skills from your work- ing as a scientist or investor have helped you as an affili- ate? Certainly one trait that is required for science, invest- ing, or affiliate work is having patience and not expecting to be able to conquer the world straight away. Another skill that is required in both science and investing is to be able to absorb a lot of information frommany differ- ent sources, piece it all togeth- er and come up with your own conclusions and theories. This is true of the affiliate busi- ness, too. For example, if you look at all the information on SEO and SEM, with so many conflicting ideas and philoso- phies, it can be overwhelming. In the end, though, you have to assess all that information and come up with your own, clear plan of action for the way to take your business forward. How did you become inter- ested in the online gambling industry and why did you de- cide to get involved in affiliate marketing? I invest in a lot of companies that are involved in online marketing and some that specialize in affiliate mar- keting. Originally, my main aim was to get to understand the business better so I could better assess the investment opportunities out there. I be- gan by developing a shopping portal, which didn’t get any- where, as it didn’t really fire my interest. However, I did learn a lot of useful informa- tion from doing it. Later on, when I discovered the slots in Vegas I thought that this was a subject I could get really inter- ested in and so chose that as the basis of my portals. Your site focuses onmarketing online slots. Why online slots? Do you play slots at brick-and- mortar casinos? What’s your favoritebrick-and-mortar slot? Yes, I’ve loved slots since I was a kid. I used to sneak a few spins on a low-stakes one-armed bandit in our local sports and social club when the adults weren’t looking. I don’t play a great deal here in London, because the payback percentages are so low that there is no entertainment to City currently residing in: London Age: 36 Favorite food: A really good burger (like the one inmy photo) One book everyone must read: Freakonomics Sites: ,