GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 6 - September 2008

Affiliate Manager Interview Series 40 GPWA Times | Burning questions? These affiliate managers have the answers. How is promoting a racebook different frompromoting a sportsbook?What’s it like managing a lottery-based affiliate program?We get the answers to these questions and many more in our interviews with the intrepid affiliate managers fromPKR Affiliates, Betfair, Red Returns, EarnReal, and Lotto Elite. Get ready to learn a thing or two!* *Due to space constraints, we cannot print the interviews in their entirety.We will post the complete text at is unique in that it offers 3D software. What went into the decision to offer this? The original concept came from our founder, Jez San. A keen poker player and veteran of the U.K. video games industry, Jez wanted to develop an online version of poker as close to the real game as possible – so he put together the people to make it happen and PKR was born. It’s a massive advantage to have something as visually stunning as PKR is to stand out from the com- petition. There simply is nothing else like it, and in an industry with a great deal of skins/white labels this is invaluable in attracting both affiliates and players. Does 3D software help with player conversion and retention? Very much so. Initially the appeal of our software draws players in, but the playability of our software keeps them playing. On aver- age, PKR players play longer and more often than they would at a standard online poker room. PKR offers itsWeb site in 10 different languages. How much has this helped the company grow? This has helped our growth significantly. In opening up to non-English speaking markets and assisting affili- ates with their promotions, we are constantly adding more languages. Many of the testimonials on your Web site speak of the“friendly nature”of your staff? Just how friendly are you guys? Very! We try our best to deal with all affiliates efficiently and appropriately regardless of whether they are a big or small. We love what we do and this is apparent in how we deal with all our affiliates and results in building strong, long- lasting relationships with them. How did you get started in online gaming? What did you do before joining the industry? I was living in Cyprus and I applied for a job in an online marketing company which specialized in the gaming industry, and the rest as they say is history. Previous to this I was studying for a business degree in London. What would you change about your job – or the industry – if you had the power to do so? I wouldn’t change a thing about this industry. I love it. I don’t think there’s anything out there that could compete with our industry, which is proven by the fact that many people may move around from com- pany to company, but very few actually leave the in- dustry. Do you play poker yourself? Did you play online before getting into the industry? I have to admit (even though it’s common knowledge) I don’t play poker, and while I know the rules I have never had a great interest in the actual game – the business of poker is my game! If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island by yourself for a month, what would you bringwith you (other than food andwater)? Ev- eryone who knows me would no doubt say vodka and tonic, but I’d struggle to do without my Blackberry. If you could changeplaceswithanybody for one day, who would you choose and why? Hmmm, this is a tricky one … I wouldn’t mind [Casino City’s] Rebecca Liggero’s lifestyle – she is always jetting off somewhere amazing and seems to enjoy every sec- ond of her adventures! “There’s nothing out there that can compete with our industry, which is proven by the fact that people may move around from company to company, but very few actually leave the industry.” MARGARET BURKE | PKR Affiliates