GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 6 - September 2008

Affiliate Manager Interview Series 44 GPWA Times | In addition to representing a sportsbook and casino, EarnReal is also the affiliate program for a racebook ( makes an independent racebook better than one that’s part of a sportsbook? This is a very good ques- tion. Unlike a regular sportsbook with a racebook integrated into the book itself, the conversions will be higher as visitors are getting what they looked for and will be treated as VIPs and not second best as if it were just an option on the sportsbook. The bonuses, promotions and creatives are all set up for racing enthusiasts. It is worth not- ing that has a sportsbook and casino associ- ated with it. What are the keys — for affiliates and affiliate pro- grams alike—tomarketing successfully around a ma- jor sporting event? Sports betting is indeed event driven and I have found some of the best days we convert include the start of the football sea- son (September), Super Bowl Sunday and the Triple Crown events. Several affiliates target these events in the URLs they promote us on, as well e-mail their players around the events. And offerings for players are also better on the days of certain events. In Sep- tember it will be the NFL and soccer in Europe. What differentiates your statistical reporting package from other affiliate programs? Our stats offerings are very similar to other affiliate pro- grams, but what we offer in addition is the ability to create and group individual campaigns. Giving the ability to track the marketing performance for each site is key, and it is my understanding that our com- petition does not offer this at the level we do. Besides trust, what are the keys to a good rela- tionship with an affiliate? Understanding what the affiliates are after, giving them tips when market- ing your product and honesty in everything you do. Also it is nice not always to be the salesman when working with them and be their friend in earning. Making sure the affiliate makes money with you is the key to a good relationship. Do everything you can to ensure they see some earnings from you. What are some unique things that you’ve seen work for some affiliates that you would like others to try? What works for affiliates is adding relevant content to their Web sites, and if someone is searching on the web to place a bet on the NFL then they would prefer to visit a site that gives them hints and tips on how to bet and whom to bet on. Also text links embedded within articles help, as well as cor- rect use of branding. Banner farms do not work and are an annoyance to the visitors. When did you first become interested in the on- line gaming industry? And why? Quite a funny story as I was sitting bored in England and looking for a change, and I saw a job advertised in the Caribbean as a marketing manager for an online gambling com- pany. I was only 24 years old and I felt a change would do me good so I moved to the island of Curaçao and the rest is history. I had a few of my own Web sites as an affiliate in the non-gaming arena before moving to Curaçao, and when I moved there I quickly realized the huge potential online gambling had. What songs are currently on your iPod (or mp3 player)? Hmmm … my top five most played songs on my iPod as of last week were: 1. U2, With or Without You 2. Bobby McFerrin, Don’t Worry, Be Happy 3. Jeff Buckley, Hallelujah 4. Toto, Africa 5. Celine Dion, Wind Beneath My Wings Please describe three things that nobody knows about you. I broke my leg when I was two years old after fiddling with a sign in Hong Kong. The other one is I crashed my mum’s car on the day after Christmas and felt enormous guilt because of this. I was also a Scout Leader, although I had little time to spend on this. What’s your favorite board game? Trivial Pur- suit with my mates. What’s your favorite vacation spot? And why? That is a hard question to answer as I enjoy South America and Central America even though I live there, as well as spending time with my folks in their apartment in Algarve, Portugal. I enjoy traveling so I set up my own site called to place my travel blogs on. If you were casting a movie in which you played the lead role, and you had your choice of any- one in the world, who would you pick to play your romantic interest? Wow, what a question to ask, and I feel a little bit shy giving my answer but it has to be Angelina Jolie. “I was only 24 years old and I felt a change would do me good so I moved to the island of Curaçao and the rest is history.” SIMON EATON | EarnReal