GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 6 - September 2008

GPWA Seal Program 54 GPWA Times | GPWA Seal Program reaches 550 sites, 42 countries “GPWA members under- stand the importance of trust in building successful relationships with their players, other webmasters, and their affiliate program partners,” said GPWA Program Manager Steven Corfman. “This milestone provides an opportunity to celebrate the accomplish- ments achievable when integrity is placed at the center of our work.” The GPWA Seal of Ap- proval has been awarded to 550 Web sites, with re- cipients located through- out 42 countries. To communicate the high review standards to site visitors, each seal links to a customized verifica- tion page that includes an explanation of the criteria, the name of the recipient website, profiles of GPWA members associated with the site and details for reporting violations to the monitoring team. The seal technology de- tects the default browser language of each portal visitor, returning both the award and verification page in the visitor’s chosen language. The service also verifies the approval status of the portal, ensuring its display only on approved sites. To apply for the Seal of Approval,visit or email your list of sites to . GPWA Seal of Approval Program