GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 7 - January 2009

66 GPWA Times | Affiliate Manager Interview Series KAYE | Klub8 Klub8 is offered in two lan- guages – Chinese and English. Clearly, part of your focus is on the Chinese market. In terms of marketing to a Chinese au- dience, what kinds of prob- lems do search engine filters provide for you? And what tips can you provide affili- ates in terms of handling these issues? In spe- cific reference to the Chinese audi- ence in China, yes, there are challeng- es we face with search engine fil- ters. Many online casino/gambling terms are pro- hibited and many sites are blocked on a daily basis. This is an issue that we are forever tackling. Ask anyone who is dealing with SEO for gaming sites in China and they will tell you it’s a hard one to crack. It helps to use languages other than Chinese and to use Chinese euphemisms. There are many different words we can use to de- scribe a gambling establishment besides the word “casino.” These words may also carry other mean- ings and therefore the likelihood of them being blocked is consid- erably lower than, let’s say, the word “casino.” SEO work for gambling sites in China will always be an expensive and challenging task. So, apart from SEO, we have also invested in other marketing strategies to promote Klub8 Casino and Klub8 Poker in the region. Is the English-language casino and poker room you offer di- rected toward people in the Chinese market who prefer to play inEnglish,or is it designed for the general English-speak- ing audience? Our English-lan- guage casino and poker room are targeted at both English-speaking Chinese players and the general English-speaking audience. Our product caters to both markets. Most (if not all) of your table games feature “live” dealers. Why did you choose to go this route rather than stick with pure electronic table games? We actually offer live games as well as RNG (random number generator) games. We understand that not one prod- uct will appeal to everyone, so we try to offer our players a large variety of slots, table games, and Asian games as well as entertain- ing arcade games. However, live games, featuring real-time live dealers, are exceptionally popu- lar, especially in Asian countries. Live gaming adopts the very latest in gaming software and technol- ogy. I was involved in the very first live gaming facility in Asia. I worked with a specialist team of techni- cians and casino croupiers for a period of two years in the Phil- ippines. Up to now, I am still amazed with what we can achieve with modern-day technology..... The great thing about live games is that they bring us one big step closer to the reality of playing in a real casino. Players can play in the comfort of their own home but still experience the interac- tion with the dealer, see cards be- ing drawn from the shoe, see the ball being spun as they would in a land-based casino. With our Live VIP Baccarat, which is absolutely phenomenal, players are able to send specific instructions to the dealer to make the experience even more real. These instruc- tions include squeezing the card, rotating the card, and tossing the card. You really have to try it out! How did you get started in the online gambling busi- ness? Completely by chance. I started off in an administrative role which was completely non- gaming in nature and then slowly progressed to the gaming areas of the organization. I have since worked in the Philippines, Macau and now I am in Australia. What’s the most difficult part of your job? I love this job be- cause it’s dynamic and I learn something new every day. I wouldn’t use the word “difficult” but I guess dealing with all the different time zones can be chal- lenging. We pretty much have to work around the clock, don’t we? Having said that, the many great things about this job still heavily outweigh the so-called difficul- ties. What’s the most exciting part of your job? Definitely being able to meet and interact with people from all over the world and from all walks of life. The gaming industry is just so dynamic. It is forever growing and I learn some- thing new every day. I am always excited when I find new ways to promote the business. I am grate- ful for all the wonderful people that I have met so far. Trust is often cited as one of the critical components of successful relationships be- tween affiliates and affiliate programs. How do you go about establishing trust with your affiliates? And what do you expect out of your affili- ates in return? Our affiliates are our business partners. We aim to establish a strong and friendly relationship with all our affili- ates from day one. This requires us to stand by our promises and show our affiliates that we take “We encourage our affiliates to share ideas and give constructive feedback. This is how we will grow and become the best at what we do!”