GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 8 - April 2009

Age: 39 Hometown: Cincinnati, OH Currently residing in: Covington, KY Favorite food: Steak, sushi, apple pie One book everyone must read: The Fountainhead , by Ayn Rand GPWA accredited: The Online Casino Gambling Directory ( Not accredited: Free Slots 360 ( Free Bets 360 ( ers out there in terms of trust. I applied for and was approved as an eCOGRA Reputable Gaming Portal in October 2006. I viewed the GPWA Seal of Approval as another way that I could demonstrate the trustworthiness of The Online Casino Gambling Directory. I’ve had the GPWA Seal of Approval since March 2007. Being a GPWA member has certainly been a part of my success. I recently attended G2E 2008 where the GPWA brought in an SEO ex- pert and a lawyer to talk about recent events in online gaming legislation. The SEO expert provided a checklist of things to improve Web site rankings, most of which I tried – and they worked. The lawyer provided peace-of- mind by explaining that affiliate marketing of online gaming is simply not a priority for most states. What traits do you look for in affiliate pro- grams when choosing which ones to work with? As some of my mea-culpa posts on the GPWA site will attest, I originally had no criteria at all. I signed up for all of them, since my goal was to create a comprehen- sive directory of all online gaming sites. Over time, I read about and saw for myself that some affiliate programs and the sites that they represent are simply scammers. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and now look for recommendations and feedback from my peers at GPWA before I decide to add an affiliate program’s gaming sites to The Online Casino Gambling Directory. As part of my self-imposed penance for my sin of adding rogue affiliate programs to my site in its early years, I now regularly make an effort to provide feedback about affili- ate programs on the GPWA site. Hopefully, this will reduce the probability that new af- filiates will make the same mistakes that I did. What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the industry? Be patient. Keep meticulous records. Set revenue goals and measure against those goals. Work only with reputable affiliate programs. Learn from those who have gone before you by reading forums. 45