GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 8 - April 2009

| GPWA Times 47 It takes a real tiger to keep Wildcats purring. Let’s take care of first things first: how did you choose your screen name and your site name – what’s the story there? That’s a long and crazy story. It started way back years ago when I was looking for a name to use on the Prima network. I tried Shazam, looking for a magic name that would surely win me millions! Well, that was taken, so I moved on to Shazamm… also taken. So, then on to the female ver- sion, Shazamma.... taken, of course. So I just kept on adding letters one by one un- til I found something that already wasn’t in use. Over the years, the name has be- come shortened to Shaz, as even I can’t pronounce Shazammama. I later found out that Shaz was a nickname for Sharon used in Europe, so my apologies to the “real” Shaz out there. As far as the site name, “Wildcats Poker” … I graduated from the University of Arizona. Anyone familiar with their basketball team knows the Wildcats. Need I say more? You state in your GPWA profile that you used to work as an accountant before being sidelined by an auto accident. Can you share with us what happened in your accident. I’d love to share this with you, as I’ve found many disabled friends who are affiliates and/or poker players. Very simply, I started out one sunny morning to go lend some money to one of my sons, and the next thing I knew (three days lat- er), I woke up in a hospital. My car was “t-boned” (hit on the driver’s side near the front door) by a person who ran a red light going over 90 mph. They called a homicide detective to the scene who han- dled my case, as it appeared as though I wouldn’t survive. A nurse had to keep telling me where I was, as I was in a Tucson hospital, and for some reason thought that I was in San Francisco. I was in intensive care for three days (so I was told), and about four days longer in the hospital. After that, I was transferred to a nursing home to be- gin a month’s worth of rehab. I suffered a head injury as well as numer- ous broken bones all over the place, in- cluding a fractured pelvis, wrist, etc., etc. I lost some of my vision and a great deal of my hearing in the accident. The head injury sounds horrid, I know, but it could have been much worse. As it is, I’ve a plate under my left eye holding the bones together and pinched nerves leading to that eye have caused vision problems. Not many other people can see seven of everything without a drop to drink! So sometimes I think that I’ll have a drink and see maybe 14 people; that would be fun: a whole team, lol. The rest of my skull is basically intact. The main prob- lems that remain with me, other than the hearing and vision damage, are massive headaches and neck pain, and problems with short- to mid-term memory. I’ve learned to compensate over the years, but my desktop is always cluttered with note- pads. I blame my inability to remember people’s’ names on my injuries, some- thing that the rest of you can’t do. Of course, I’m no longer able to drive, or I’d be causing many accidents with my duplicate vision problems, and really do miss not being able to hop into my car and go trout fishing in the mountains.. This whole turn of events has actually been a blessing in disguise. If not for this accident, I’d still be an accountant, dealing with tax returns and financial statements... yuk! I’d never have had the opportunity otherwise to meet all the fan- tastic people that I’ve met via online gam- bling, and of course my forum. Oh, and I’ve also gained a sense of humor about life in general that was lacking before... I’ve learned what is REALLY important in life as compared to what is not. Wildcats Poker is a forum. Why did you decide to go the forum route? I chose to have a forum, mainly, because of the in- teraction with our members. That’s not something usually available with por- tals. I picked up this occupation firstly as something to do in my abundant spare time, and it has led to being a full-time job. There’s always plenty to do, and I must admit, it’s the wonderful members who keep me going from day to day. Of course, the affiliate managers that I’ve met have also helped a lot and for the most part are a group of great people. What do you do and where do you go when you need to let off some steam, and get away from the daily grind? Silly question! Well, I go to the male strip club!!!!! Just kidding, just kidding. Actually I go on tilt at any poker site that I can find, of course! It’s also a good way for me to get away from the daily grind. It may not sound so differ- ent, but playing poker as opposed to tak- ing care of the business end of things is worlds apart. Howdid you find the GPWA? And howhas being a member helped you? It would be easier to list the ways in which GPWA has NOT helped me. There’s probably not an area in online gambling that I want or need to know about that isn’t covered at the GPWA forum. If you were one of the last two people on the planet, who would you want the other person to be? If I can’t bring two persons, my two sons… well, heck – that’s a dilemma. If it has to be just one per- son only, that would have to be my good friend “mooleyjones.” She’s always there for me and has helped me out in more ways than I can mention. She’s also a blast, and would be the best company a person could ask for. INTERVIEW WITH Kathy Khamjani | shaz Hometown: All over California: born in Long Beach – raised in So. Lake Tahoe – lived in a tiny logging town called Susanville for many years Currently residing in: Tucson, Arizona, U.S. Favorite food: Chimichangas One book everyone must read: Poker for Dummies Sites: GPWA Affiliate Interview Series