GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 8 - April 2009

| GPWA Times 49 it more as a stepping-stone. It’s been very good to me and it’s given me a lot of opportunities, so I am grateful for that. I just think it’s time that I move on. I am giving myself until I am 30, and afterwards I am not allowing myself to build any more Web sites. I can update what I have, but that’s it – no new projects. How has being a GPWA member helped you? It has helped tremendously. The GPWA con- tains a wealth of information. Any question you can think of has most likely been asked before… and answered. You just have to search the forums. You recently moved from Canada to the Ca- ribbean. What prompted the move? What do you miss about Canada? I love Canada in the summer, but unfortunately summers there are much too short. It can even snow there in April and May, which goes to show how short the nice season is. I don’t miss living in Alberta but I domiss living near Vancouver. Themountains and the rain forest there are quite amazing. I miss being able to hop into the car and go ex- ploring an entirely different mountain and trail whenever I feel like it. On an island you’ve seen everything after a very short period of time. You’re an avid snorkeler and hiker. What are some of your favorite spots for pursuing these pastimes? Australia has amazing plac- es for both pursuits. Barbados was great for snorkeling with turtles; it’s unbelievable how they glide underneath you. Turtles seem slow and clumsy on land but in the water they are majestic. Canada has some awesome hiking spots, from Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta to the Stewamus Chief in BC. Cen- tral America is also great. I would love to ex- plore New Zealand and Brazil, as well as the tiny island of Dominica in the Caribbean. If you were one of the last two people on the planet,whowould youwant the other person to be? And why? I am a bit worried because this could lead to inbreeding in a couple of generations. Baywatch babes could be good but they might not like me, so I would have to say a good female friend. Age: 29 Hometown: Edmonton, AB, Canada Currently residing in: Caribbean Favorite food: Lasagna One book everyone must read: Long Walk to Freedom , by Nelson Mandela Sites: