GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 8 - April 2009

| GPWA Times 51 Age: 46 Hometown: Birmingham, U.K. Currently residing in: West Bromwich, U.K. Favorite food: Pasta One book everyone must read: Bravo Two Zero, by Andy McNab Sites: Under development: Along with about 20 more on the backburner. to some very good Web sites for a reasonable return. I hate selling links; however, the links sold have been to sites of a similar nature and ranking and therefore will have no detrimen- tal effect, and I would not have found this business without the GPWA. I could not work without the GPWA now, and you can expect me to become part of the fixtures and fittings over the coming years. As a non-U.S. affiliate, is the U.S. market still important to you? The U.S. market is very important to me and to anyone else in this industry. The U.S. market, as far as I am con- cerned, is important to anyone involved in the Internet business. Being such a vast country with a massive population that seems very gambling friendly, if ever the laws change back to allow online gambling there will be millions to be made and I want a chunk of it. I am currently developing the Web site — the domain name in itself shows how important I feel the U.S. market is to me. Even my main site, a domain extension, gets more traffic from the U.S. than from any other country. When you need to get as far away from work as possible, where do you go? Out to a live poker game or to my son’s to see Angel, my granddaughter. Finally, you’ve let it be known that being half Sicilian and a man makes you a better cook than any woman.What’s your favorite recipe? (Please don’t say Black Country Faggots and Peas!) But I like faggots and peas LOL. Oh, OK then, it would have to be Pollo alla Mar- sala, which is chicken breasts cooked in Sicil- ian Marsala wine. I serve it with fresh pasta but it goes equally well with new potatoes or polenta. It also tastes much better when pre- pared by a man. After all, ladies are cooks and men are chefs. The ladies only know how to cook because it is their duty to feed us men!