GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 8 - April 2009

| GPWA Times 69 will be too general for specific advertised products or services you’re promoting. It is important to drive traffic to landing pages that are targeted for each of your ad cam- paigns – i.e., relevant to the keywords. Another way that Google gauges the rele- vancy of a page is by monitoring how many people click-through to it from the search results. The more fre- quently that users click ads, the higher Quality Score those ads will re- ceive. Google does this to reward advertisers whoshowtheirusers the most relevant search re- sults. After all, if no one clicks on a search result (paid or otherwise), it is probably not very rel- evant to the keyword/search-term. Google will also use your average CTR to give your entire AdWords account a Qual- ity Score. So the CTR of all the ad groups in your campaign that are in your account will be considered against your Quality Score. If you’re promoting multiple cam- paigns, having the resources to properly monitor the CTR across all your cam- paigns to ensure that no one cam- paign is adversely affecting others is very important. Ranking well in AdWords is about more than bidding high. It’s about delivering relevant ads that perform well. The better your Quality Score, moreover, the less you will have to bid for any given spot in the sponsored results. Partnering with a PPC-enabled affiliate partner that specializes in iGaming, such as Income Access, can help you maximize your Quality Score in a variety of ways. In addition to helping you target the right keywords, it can ensure that your ads and landing pages are relevant to those key- words, and monitor your CTR on an on- going basis. PPC Reporting: Tracking conversions beyond clicks Although Google provides excellent analyt- ics on click-through rates, it cannot track referrals through the entire conversion process, such as when a player makes a deposit. Optimizing your PPC campaigns, however, requires that you have detailed reports on all your key performance indica- tors (KPIs). These include players referred, deposits, revenues generated by each Ad- Words ad, and which types of players are coming through on which keywords. By managing your AdWords campaigns through affiliate software that’s PPC-en- abled, you can gather analytics on PPC conversions and the keywords that gen- erated them. After all, affiliate tracking is about tracking referrals from third parties straight through their entire life- cycle. If your affiliate software can track referrals according to keywords, it can be used to provide complete conver- sion data on the value of each keyword. Becoming an AdWords affiliate Now that AdWords has been reopened to the online gaming industry, it will once again become an important acquisition channel for the industry. If affiliates want to take advantage of this channel, however, they’ll need to get white- listed by Google and then require tracking reports beyond the CTRs that Google provides. There’s an opportunity for affiliates to partner with programs and net- works that offer PPC support. By doing so, affiliates can see their application for an AdWords gambling account fast tracked, receive support in preparing campaigns that reduce their average CPC and maxi- mize ROI, and access comprehensive conversion data to further optimize their PPC efforts on an ongoing basis. “By managing your AdWords campaigns through affiliate software that’s PPC-enabled, you can gather analytics on PPC conversions and the keywords that generated them.” PPC Strategies for Affiliates